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“Expect noticeable changes in traffic flow due to some lane reconfiguration”
Good news
September's almost over, and so is Makati City's car-free Sundays. Fortunately for those of you guys who have been enjoying this cool non-car-centric initiative, though, the local governent unit has decided to extend this until the end
Take caution when heading out
Vog or generally poor air quality aren't the only things you should be worried about if you're going around Metro Manila today. It appears several areas have been submerged in floods due to heavy rains earlier this morning.The Metropolitan
Factor this in when planning your trip
Heads-up: Rail repairs happening from September 20 to 24, 2023, are expected to affect waiting times at the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1).According to Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), rail replacement activities are being carried out at the
Think this will work?
As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is looking into measures to ease rush-hour traffic congestion on Katipunan Avenue. The agency will now try out a new traffic scheme on the thoroughfare, so if
Where is ‘diyan lang’ when you’re on such a big thoroughfare?
The 'Diyan Lang Ako Gang' or DILAG is a notorious (and unofficial) group that the Metropolitan Manila Development Academy (MMDA) and New Task Force Special Operations head Bong Nebrija have dealt with over the years.It came from the typical excuse from
Two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound will be available during repairs
Last month, the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) was troubled by severe floods, particularly around the San Simon area of the road network. To address this, NLEX Corporation is planning to elevate that specific portion of the expressway and complete it by the
There’s a law that covers that
Motorcycle usage in the Philippines continues to increase. Not only do motorcycles offer more convenient and economical transport to Filipinos, but in many cases, they are the most direct option for commuters given the mess that is Manila's public transportation system.
Just... why?
When an erring motorist gets ticketed, there are various scenarios that could ensue. A verbal altercation between said motorist and enforcers is a common example. Some people would try to plead innocent and ask for consideration. Others, meanwhile, would just straight up
Will there ever be rollbacks for the rest of the 2023?
Fuel prices keep going up-it's the 11th straight week now of price hikes, and the rate of increase this week is bigger than it was last week.According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, diesel prices will go
Wait, what?
How about that: Traffic personnel of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) are expected to enforce the rules and regulations of the road, but that wasn't entirely the here.Let's start with the big one. According to a report by
This should ease some of that range anxiety
Forget 'kaya bang umakyat ng Baguio?' When you're talking electric vehicles, the question becomes, 'Kaya bang umabot sa Baguio?'Northbound travelers with EVs need not suffer through range anxiety anymore: The newly opened Shell Mobility TPLEX Junction in Rosario, La Union,
It highlights the sad state of our road and pedestrian infrastructure
Pedestrians are always reminded to keep to the sidewalk for their own safety, but look around and it's easy to see how that's easier said than done given the state of our pedestrian infrastructure. Sometimes, that state may be described
Plan your route well
The 2023 bar examinations are happening on September 17, 20, and 24, to be conducted at 14 different testing centers across the country. Roads in the vicinity of the venues are expected to be more congested than usual, with some roads being
Check out the full advisory inside
After Manila and Quezon City, Muntinlupa City has now released a traffic advisory for this year's bar examinations.To manage security and traffic flow in the vicinity of San Beda College Alabang, the local government has released guidelines on who may
Part of the third batch of toll plazas in the cashless toll system dry run
We're now going two weeks into the dry run of the cashless tollway system, which means it's time for a new batch of toll plazas to be added to the scheme.The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) has released the third
Plan your route on September 17, 20, and 24
Heads-up: Here's another bar exam traffic advisory, this time for Quezon City.University of the Philippines Diliman is one of the testing centers in Metro Manila, and while the Quezon City government has announced that there will be no road
It's bar exam season again, and it's not only aspiring lawyers who must make preparations-motorists are also advised to take note of these Manila City road closures in the vicinities of University of Santo Tomas and San Beda University.
Making the passing rate only 31%
Metro Manila's hazy skyline went viral over the weekend, with road users posting images and videos of murky gray skies looming over the capital. We put up a video, too, taken from Skyway on September 9th.PAGASA has confirmed that the
Each training batch will have 100 participants
Waiting to take courses at the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy? You don't have to wait long from now-the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has confirmed that the facility is set to open on September 27, 2023."The Motorcycle Riding Academy will
Ten straight weeks of price hikes
For the tenth week running, diesel prices are increasing again effective September 12, 2023.According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, diesel prices will go up by P0.40/L, making this the lowest price hike we've seen so
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