Here it is, sans camouflage
Did the recent teaser for the Speed Triple 1200 RR leave you thirsting for more information on this retro sportbike? Thirst no more, as Triumph's newest creation has finally been unveiled in all its shiny, aggressive café-racer glory.Only the
It’s set to compete against the Aprilia Tuareg 660 and the Yamaha Tenere 700
Triumph Motorcycles is cooking up something new-and it's not another limited-edition bike.This is the Triumph Tiger Sport 660, a middleweight version of the British manufacturer's Tiger adventure tourer. The smallest Tiger yet is currently undergoing its final
To celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary
Tomorrow, May 23, marks the 10th year of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR). To celebrate this momentous milestone, event partner Triumph Motorcycles has built a special one-off Thruxton 1200 RS as the top prize of the 2021 DGR Gentlefolk Competition.
Limited to just 775 units worldwide
With almost every bike these days being updated to conform to Euro 5 standards, it comes as no surprise that British icon Triumph has also brought its range up to spec with current emissions regulations. The latest to get this upgrade is
Safety for everyone
Triumph Motorcycles' latest launch isn't a new model, and neither is it a special-edition bike. This time, the British manufacturer has put out its own tracking and safety solution in the form of the Triumph SOS app. Unlike some other
“Potent and exhilarating, yet refined and easy to ride”
If their representation in films, shows, and video games are any indication, Triumph's motorcycles lend themselves well to anyone looking to make a statement. I got to experience that cool factor myself when they lent me one of their most iconic
A road-going prototype is in the works
Anyone in the mood for a 180hp motorbike developed by the brightest minds at Williams, Triumph, and an actual university? Yeah, thought you might be. Oh, one other thing-it's electric.But what does that really mean these days? Well, there'
It’s alive
No more teasers, no more camouflage-the Trident is alive, and this time it's out in the open.British motorcycle Triumph has brought the Trident nameplate back to life, and this time it packs a punchy 660cc engine capable of 80hp
The motorbike is in its final testing phase
Late last month, Triumph gave us all a glimpse at the all-new Trident motorcycle-a pretty, plain white motorbike that looked like it'd be a huge pain in the rear to keep clean. That wasn't the actual thing, though,
It has an incredible resume
Behold the Triumph Rocket 3 R. And that's not some namby-pamby marketing name, either. It's actually incredibly relevant. Namely, because this two-wheeled whopper currently holds the 0-60mph (97kph) production-bike record, completing the sprint in just 2.
And this is the official design prototype
Triumph has just revealed its newest prototype, and it looks like we'll finally be seeing the revival of the popular Trident nameplate.Yes, it's still a prototype, but this could very well be what the final production model will be
This thing’s quite a looker
I like e-bikes, I really do. They're a neat way to go about getting around in an environmentally-sound fashion, and they run on considerably less physical effort compared to their purely pedal-powered counterparts.E-bikes are such an
How much will you bid for this limited-edition muscle bike?
After a delay of almost three months due to the COVID-19 quarantine measures, the Triumph Rocket 3 TFC has found its way to the showroom of Triumph Philippines in San Juan City.The Rocket 3 TFC is imported as a completely
It’s called the Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition
Do you slink around your house (probably in your pants) pointing fingers at a mirror in a gun shape while humming the James Bond theme tune? Then you must be an 007 enthusiast. Well, if that's the case, Triumph has a
Move over, Ducati Diavel
First, the good news: the first batch of the 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 has already arrived on Philippine shores. Now, here's the bad news: they've been stuck in the port area due to the work stoppage brought about by the
The best car chase in years
When I was in high school at the turn of the century, the car geek in me was thrilled at the plethora of high-octane car chases that seemed to permeate all the action movies of the time. From the insane nitrous-
Seven models can be seen in the metal at the brand’s Ortigas showroom
If you've passed by Ortigas Avenue lately, you've probably noticed motorists slowing down to catch a glimpse of one of the big showrooms along the thoroughfare. Once occupied by Lotus sports cars and UM bikes, the space now houses brand-
Autohub is receiving a big number of reservations for the initial batch
Hello, local fans of Triumph Motorcycles! Your sleepless nights will soon come to an end.The Autohub Group has just confirmed to us that the first batch of Triumph bikes will be arriving in the Philippines by the end of January 2020.
This rescue dog rides in full gear, including her own custom-made helmet
We see tons of photos and videos of cute, fluffy creatures on social media and the Internet on a daily basis. I myself am guilty of having Facebook and Instagram feeds raining with cats and dogs. You see new content each day,
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