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There’s no escape
Chevrolet has revealed its first-ever pursuit-rated Silverado police unit, and it has a message for any bad guys planning to lose their tail by taking things off-road: Yeah, good luck with that.For law enforcement purposes, the company has
It’s strategically located
The exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Hino trucks, buses, and parts in the Philippines has opened the doors of its Laguna dealership to cater to South Luzon's growing commercial-vehicle market.Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) recently held a signing ceremony for
Price starts at P3.775M
Over the last few weeks, we've witnessed car brands launch their latest products using the digital platform because of the pandemic. And it looks like the trucking industry is not far behind.Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the distributor of Hino trucks
All 21 of them
Carmakers and other businesses have been opening their doors to customers as majority of the country transitions to general community quarantine or modified general community quarantine.Hino Motors Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the country, has also
We’d do the same, too
If you were ever the designated person to do groceries during the enhanced community quarantine (also known as a 'tribute'), you would know that one of the aisles that quickly gets emptied out is the bread section. Consider yourself lucky when the
Talk about high resale value
Yep, you read that headline correctly. This old Volvo FL6 box truck has been painted by Banksy, and as such is now expected to fetch between £1 million (P63.5 million) and £1.5 million (P95.2 million) when it goes under
Can you guess how many units it sold?
Average motorists know Isuzu for the D-Max, the MU-X, and the recently discontinued Crosswind. These vehicles are commonplace on Philippine roads, so naturally, we're more than familiar with them.For captains of industry and business folk, however, the Japanese
About damn time
We're all pretty tired of seeing and hearing about trucks causing accidents both big and small. While driving a vehicle that big isn't easy, you would expect that whoever is behind the wheel knows what they're doing. Sadly, it'
This thing is insane!
There's more to the Dakar Rally than a bunch of cars smashing across the South American desert for two weeks straight. As well as cars, a flood of quads and bikes take part, alongside a community of absurd trucks. This pleases
Truly an appetizing sight
Food trucks are fast becoming a common sight these days. The colorful and innovative transport modules that serve food to hungry patrons can now be found in various parts of Metro Manila, darting from one foodie event to another.Here's one
Now this is what we call fun
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. We think it's a given that no one should ever leave a vehicle in the hands of a kid. In fact, leaving a
Have you tried Shawarma Bros?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The food-truck craze has made its way to the Philippines, and you know it has found parking in Filipinos' hearts because of the
In a bid to test the future of trucking
The German luxury vehicle manufacturer has just conducted the maiden voyage of a Mercedes-Benz Actros fitted with the Intelligent Highway Pilot system. Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, board member of Daimler AG and Daimler Trucks and Buses, made the landmark trek on-board
Looking for a business workhorse?
How does a luxury car brand market a truck built to perform like a workhorse? Well, Auto Nation Group--the local distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and trucks--gathered fleet clients and had them drive Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks (yes, trucks) at
Good for intimidating idiots on the road
Those of us who drive on Metro Manila streets every day know the challenges of the daily commute. It is an exercise in patience, alertness and vigilance to stay safe and secure on the drive to work. Those who think that uploaded
Traffic flow said to be back to normal
Motorists and commuters who travel through the Port of Manila will be pleased to know that, according to Malacañang Palace, the traffic mess caused by the congested ports has now been resolved."With the combined efforts of the Cabinet Cluster on
As team's Formula 1 car drives underneath
The Lotus F1 Team may have completed its 2014 Formula 1 season in a humble eighth position, but it also concluded its campaign with a bang by setting a Guinness World Record.Together with one of its technical partners, EMC, Lotus F1
Let me count the ways I like it
A little over a year ago, I became infatuated for the first time with a Toyota. The 86 was, and still is, a sexy little thing that's a joy to drive and relatively friendly on the pocket. It would be a
Meet the fuel-cell-powered FC Deco Deck
As our associate editor Paulo Subido reported, the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show is not just about show-stopping sports cars. The biennial car expo also features some pretty neat commercial vehicles, including those by Isuzu Motors. And perhaps the coolest transporter vehicle
Just the video to end the workweek
If there\'s one stunt action star Jean-Claude Van Damme is known for, it\'s his cringe-inducing (for males, at least) leg splits. As a world-first, Volvo Trucks recruited Van Damme to execute the stunt in between two of
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