This is not an issue to take lightly
Overloading a regular car is dangerous enough all on its own. Overloading trucks and other large vehicles, though? It can be deadly.In a recent statement, the NLEX Corporation said that more than 8,000 vehicles have been caught violating anti-overloading
33-tonners, 12-wheelers to be restricted access
The truck situation along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) is currently a bit complicated. After conducting several repairs along the southbound portion of the Candaba Viaduct throughout the year, NLEX Corporation eventually decided to ban all heavy commercial vehicles from passing the
And it looks like a hoot to drive, too
Driving a truck? Doesn't sound like too much fun, does it? At least not in the way you're probably imagining it-stuck in traffic, maneuvering a large hunk of metal through a chaotic sea of cars and motorbikes zipping around
Not a good look
When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, bad things happen. On the road? An overloaded truck is about as unstoppable an object as they come.According to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the country's problem with overloaded
This practice can be deadly
Remember when portions of EDSA were covered in mud-whether intentionally or unintentionally, we don't know-not once, not twice, but thrice? The shenanigans essentially turned parts of the thoroughfare into a mini off-road course.It was one of the
Moden trucks are something to behold
Yes, we write mostly about cars here at Top Gear Philippines. But given the chance, we'd definitely want a crack at being behind the wheel of something heavier with a couple of thousand newton meters of torque-something like this baby
MAN Automotive Concessionaires has officially launched the new CV lineup
A bunch of new Volkswagens has just landed here in the Philippines. But no, neither the new Golf nor Polo are part of the new arrivals. In fact, the new Volkswagens are all commercial vehicles from the VW Truck and Bus lineup.
Attention, business owners
Hauling goods from one point to another within our road system can be tiring work. If you're a business owner looking to make life easier for yourself or your drivers, Hino Motors Philippines' (HMP) latest entry into the market might be
To be unveiled early in 2022
In 2019, Wataru Kato graced the car world with the Liberty Walk tractor. Sure, the thing was pretty much just a regular old tractor with an absurd wing and stainless steel exhaust attached to it, but you had to give props to
It gets an automated manual transmission
When it comes to commercial trucks, utility and performance are the main factors to consider. Any convenience features or creature comforts are pretty much just bonuses. Isuzu, though, is making ease of use one of the key selling points of its latest
Usage will be limited as the DPWH conducts repairs and rehabilitation
Important news for all drivers and operators of commercial vehicles: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that the Nagtahan Flyover in Manila City will be off-limits to trucks for seven months starting today.The Department of Public Works and
Planning to drop by?
Most motorists are probably familiar with Hyundai because of offerings like the Starex, Tucson, and Accent. But besides being one of the biggest names in the local passenger car scene, the South Korean carmaker has a sizeable trucks and buses business, too.
No trucks will be allowed entry, and no cash lanes will be open
We already know that on July 12, 2021, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) will start collecting toll fees along Skyway Stage 3. Now, though, SMC has announced that starting that date, the elevated tollway will be officially a no-truck zone as well.
The ban covers all trucks with a gross capacity weight of 4,500kg or less
In case you missed it, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has resumed implementing its truck ban in the capital effective Monday, May 17. This meant trucks will not be allowed to traverse all thoroughfares under the MMDA's jurisdiction from 6am
The truck can now be had with a six-speed automatic gearbox
Hino Motors Philippines has launched its first model for 2021: the all-new Hino 300 Series. This is the latest addition to the manufacturer's local light-duty truck lineup. Let's take a look.The new truck gets a few changes
The carmaker continues its expansion
The automotive industry's newfound interest in virtual showrooms isn't stopping Isuzu Philippines (IPC) from upgrading its physical ones.The Japanese car manufacturer has inaugurated its newly enhanced dealership and truck center in Pasig City, which now has a total floor
These are called ‘Electronic High Visibility Panels’
If you often drive at night here in the Philippines, especially along expressways, then you've probably seen a few trucks with those blinding rearward-facing lights. It's irritating, not to mention dangerous, for anyone approaching from behind.But contrary to
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