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Floor-scraping fun
Tuned Ford Mustangs are a dime-a-dozen. Any outrageous amount of power or eye-grabbing stripy color scheme is just a short phone call and bank transfer away.But if your tuning needs are a little more specific-'no more power,
The performance division turns 50 this year
Half a century ago, two engineers did a slightly odd thing by leaving their jobs in the best car engineering company in the world, Mercedes-Benz. The little race-engine tuning shop they founded grew and eventually ended up as the name
Up to 225 horses
It was around a year ago when we featured the BBR-tuned Mazda 3. That car, you may recall, could muster up to 185hp from its upgraded 2.0-liter direct-injection gasoline motor. Well, BBR is back, this time getting its
One of the sportiest luxury cars out there
The BMW 7-Series is arguably one of the most technologically advanced cars around. Some of you may recall that we likened the all-new model to a spaceship, referring to the vast amount of tech goodies it packs. And now, thanks
Offering owners a more energetic drive
It was last July when news broke out that Volvo had purchased its longtime tuning and motorsports partner Polestar. Although the two companies have been collaborating for quite a while to bring some excitement into a safe and rather unadventurous Volvo, the
Care of famous tuner Mansory
The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is already a special car in itself. While people usually associate the S-Class with a luxury-sedan configuration, this two-door version offers the same comfort and class minus the rear doors. It is for
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