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You be the judge
If you're a fan of Mazda, you're probably aware that there's plenty of talk online right now of the Japanese car manufacturer equipping the 3 with a turbocharged engine.There's been no official word regarding this rumor from
It uses an electric motor to eliminate lag
You may have noticed there's been a trend of downsizing-or the mass adoption of replacing big, naturally aspirated engines with smaller turbocharged ones-over the last few years. It was a forced hand by the rule makers to reduce fuel
Safety first
Decided it's time to turbocharge your engine? Excellent news. Get it right and you'll be rewarded with neck-snapping performance. Get it wrong and a stock of 2020 calendars would've been a better investment.So, here's Top Gear'
Will we get this in the Philippines?
Good news for anyone who's been looking forward to the reveal of the all-new Honda City: The Japanese car manufacturer has announced its subcompact sedan offering will be available with a new 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine when
The car's chief engineer speaks out
Do you think equipping the Toyota 86 would make it that much better? If yes, then tough luck, because the Japanese sports car's chief engineer has pretty much ruled out the possibility--at least for this generation.Speaking to
Cherish it while it lasts
While the next-generation Subaru Forester is already in the works, word is it won't come with a turbocharger. Sad.With this in mind, the current Subaru Forester is still one of the most popular models in its segment. It's
"Don't floor it coming out of a corner"
Turbocharged no-nos. There are a handful of things to watch out for when it comes to turbos, including temperature, oil flow, and your fuel's octane rating-more so when you've made numerous modifications to your vehicle. Engineering Explained, uhm,
Is a turbo always needed?
Once upon a time, displacement was king. The bigger the engine, the more badass your car was. These days though, carmakers are showing a lot more sensibility about things like the environment and increasing fuel prices. The recent trend is to install
Truth or myth?
Is it true that I should cool down my turbocharged diesel SUV after a long drive? Why should I do this?Thanks!Alex ChuaHi Alex,A turbocharger is nothing more than a couple of individually enclosed turbine blades mated together by a
With uprated power and more goodies
Comfortable cruiser, sports car, track weapon. Very seldom do these traits come together in one package. In fact, you usually find one or two of them in a car, but never all three at the same time. This is what the 2016
RC200t joins NX, RX and IS
It has only been roughly a year since the Lexus RC sports coupe was launched. The mix of solid Lexus engineering with a sporty vibe seems to have been enough to get buyers excited. Now, Lexus gives us another reason to fall
Adapting to the changing times
Honda has been known for its high-revving, naturally aspirated VTEC engines, but things could change soon as it adapts to a changing automotive landscape. With the introduction of the all-new turbocharged Civic Type R, the brand is starting to embrace
All set to rev up for the 2014 season
Welcome to the 2014 Formula 1 season! Returning F1 diehards, nice to see you again. Newbies, you've joined the party just in time--the old regulations have been shelved in favor of an entirely rewritten rulebook, and that means there's
Its Japanese executives answer the question
Japanese executives from Subaru's manufacturer, Fuji Heavy Industries, graced the rollout ceremony of the XV in Malaysia this week, and part of the daylong itinerary of the launch involved a brief interview with the media.One of the questions asked of
But how will it function without a hood scoop?
When Subaru first revealed what the all-new Forester looks like earlier this month, we noticed the conspicuous absence of the hood scoop on the turbocharged variant. After all, the hood scoop became a styling signature for Subaru's top-mounted intercooler
To go on sale as a 2014 model?
It was inevitable, really. Known for its turbocharged, high-performance cars, Subaru is reportedly developing a turbocharged, direct-injection version of its 2.0-liter flat-four engine that will be fitted to the BRZ coupe.According to, an unnamed
Our tech guru has the answer
Greetings from the Queen City of the South. Allow me to say a few good words about your articles before I introduce my concern to you. We find your articles not only informative, but we also know that we readers of Top
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Ferman!I am a truck guy. I have been driving trucks ever since I've learned how to drive--from Pajeros to Stradas to Hilux to D-Max to Kia kc2700 to various surplus dropsides. I use vehicles for work; I
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