The pandemic was a factor for some
Wants versus needs can be tricky to balance-more so when you're talking about a purchase as big as a car.No matter where you're from, cars don't come cheap. That said, you really need to ask yourself if
The most common answer here? Turn signals
Cars these days are as tech-loaded as they've ever been-that much is true. However, it's also true that several of the gadgets and gizmos that carmakers have been equipping their cars with aren't exactly tech that would
“Be kind”
Ask yourself: From whom did you learn most of your driving skills? Chances are your answer won't be an instructor or short driving course somewhere. Most of us probably know what we know behind the wheel because of a loved one.
Coffee helps, guys
One moment you're hopping into the driver's seat, and the next...wait, what were we going on about again?Yeah, we've all been there at one point or another-perhaps following a long tiring day at the office, or
We know others will find these useful, too
Buying a car is no small task. Whether it's your first, second, or third purchase, or regardless if you're buying brand-new or secondhand, there are a lot of factors to consider before you even think about pulling the trigger.
Our readers have been around, it seems
A good public transportation system doesn't just mean it's easy for commuters to get around. How efficient, advanced, or well-maintained a country's train lines and buses are can also be indicative of how well (or bad) a nation
Or are you guilty of giving these tips?
What's worse than unsolicited driving advice? We'd have to say wrong driving advice, especially when dispensed by people who claim to know better given all their years of experience.Some of these misguided tips are more outdated than outright wrong,
Would you mind sharing yours, too?
Enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is officially back in Metro Manila and other parts of the country as of this writing. With that, a number of quarantine control points are also back up and running in several parts of the capital and the
These should help other first-time car buyers to make informed decisions
You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who's ever bought a car and had absolutely zero regrets about it. And by zero we mean everything about the car was perfect, from the purchase itself to everything that came along after.
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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has found itself in a bit of a pickle since this pandemic started. In a nutshell, with the agency's offices closed for prolonged periods, the agency's backlog continued to pile up over the past months.
A lot of us have been there
A lot of us have been there before: Your car starts acting up for whatever reason, so you take it to the nearest shop as soon as possible. The car's still running, so you figure this should simply be a quick
The good, bad, and just yikes
Most of us learned how to drive thanks to our fathers. We grew up seeing what they do behind the wheel and, for some of us, we aspire to be half the driver our dads are. So to celebrate Fathers' Day, we
We saw what you all did there
We at Top Gear PH take our jobs very seriously. But when the hectic work schedule takes its toll, you can't blame us for having a little fun. Case in point: The photo above that was posted on our Facebook page.
Roses are red, tire black is not blue...
Valentine's Day may be over, but as anyone who has ever shared a special bond with a car knows, the love doesn't just last a day. We asked you guys recently to share a love letter to a special car
Have you seen ghosts floating over fields by the highway? Or had uninvited passengers appearing and disappearing inside your car? Even if you don't have your own ghost story to tell, we're sure you've heard some from your family
You have spoken
Anyone who's been driving since the '90s will tell you that ride quality has come a long way over the years.For most cars, it seems like NVH levels and suspension systems are getting better and better with every
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