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A lot of car nuts took the opportunity to go on fun drives
Here are my thoughts about the BOI's proposal and what it means to own and drive an old car in the Philippines
Before the Bureau of Investments (BOI) proposes a ban on 10-year-old cars and begins taking steps toward pushing through with a local version of the US cash-for-clunkers program (LINK), the agency should consider doing a bit more research.
A closer look
If you haven't seen it yet, the link to the video that we made about Classic Speed is here. In my last post we saw the old heaps lined up outside to be restored. But this time let's take a
I never thought I\'d be a pickup person
I never thought I'd be a pickup person. When I think of pickups, I think of gun racks, rednecks and fried chicken. If I wanted something big and tall, I'd complete the roof and go for an intimidating SUV. But
The drive along the Italian border was as scenic as a Euro art film
A few blog entries back, I wrote about a Johnnie Walker event that gave me a taste of the Monaco lifestyle via a cool party held in Opus. Although that event reminded me that I'm too old for the club scene (
We do love our survivors
I'm not surprised that the letters and photos keep coming in. We do love our survivors, don't we? Here's a short note from Angelo Reforma. He drives a baby-blue Lancer. Here's what he has to say about
It is an expression of individuality
It is an expression of individuality, if you want it to be. Last month's old-school feature was quite special. The 1991 Nissan Sunny pickup that belongs to Richard Opiana is one hell of a show car. In fact, I followed
We do love survivors
Here are letters and photos from two more readers who enjoy keeping their beloved old-school rides alive. This is a sweet 1975 Toyota Corolla (KE35) Owned by Hanzel Conchas. Here\'s what he has to say about it, in his own
An event not just for the hardcore car nut
It's safe to say the recently concluded 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) was the best so far. Actually, it can even be considered the best local motor show ever mounted in our country. It was everything a major car show
We do love survivors
A good thing about spending a lot of time on my bicycle is that I am able to scope out some old-school cars while they are out in the wild. This sure beats taking haphazard photos from behind the wheel of
Nissan Historics
Nissan has deep roots in motorsports, but the company's presence wasn't only limited to smooth race tracks. Clocking the fastest time on what can hardly even be considered a 'road' has its own appeal. I am a rally fan boy,
Nissan historics Part 2
Because of the sheer number of cars in the Zama Garage, it's easy to get distracted. But things start to cook when you delve deeper into what is on display. It is then that you realize how priceless a lot of
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