Improvements are mostly under the skin
Wasn't it just last month when Mazda updated the 3? Well, it looks like the Hiroshima-based carmaker is on a roll, this time as it reveals an improved Mazda 6. Fans who love the swoopy Kodo lines (just like us)
With more power and performance
It's hard to believe that the Subaru BRZ is already more than three years old. First seen in late 2012, the Japanese coupe--together with its Toyota 86 twin--has won the hearts of car nuts for its attainable sportiness.Having
Revised and equipped with cool toys
Since its introduction in 1976, the Honda Accord has been steadily moving up in terms of size and features. Starting life out as a compact hatch (can you imagine?), the Accord has evolved into a midsize sedan. It has even spawned coupe
With interior and suspension tweaks
It's been a good three years since the Subaru XV hit the market. Since then, brand loyalists and crossover buyers alike have lapped up the car with gusto, based on the number of examples you see on the roads. And with
With lots of fancy new tech
Honda Cars Philippines has updated the CR-V, but instead of just slapping on a new set of headlights and a flashy grille, the Japanese carmaker has chosen to infuse it with a lot of new tech features that will undoubtedly keep
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