This is it, folks. It looks like our guess was right-Honda Philippines (HPI) has now officially launched the all-new Honda ADV 160.If you saw the global launch a while back, then you know that in terms of aesthetics, there
Does the popular scooter live up to all the hype?
There's arguably no scooter in Yamaha Motor Philippines' (YMPH) lineup more popular than the NMax. The hype was real (it still is) when it arrived here a while back, and over the years, it has continued to grow in number.I
An ideal urban commuter
On Yamaha Motor Philippines' (YMPH) wide-ranging lineup of personal commuters, the Mio Gear S sits on the middle tier of the Mio series scooters. It offers a few useful options not found at the bottom of the category. It has electronic
Something current Click customers should keep in mind
Oh yes. It's the new and updated scooter with the beefier 160cc engine. Honda Philippines (HPI) recently had us test this along with the new AirBlade 160.Unlike the AirBlade, the Click is styled differently from its predecessor. The signature V-
Rumors are starting to go around social media
Honda Philippines (HPI) has already added three new models since July: the Click 160, the Wave RSX, and the AirBlade 160. The two scooters among these three now highly indicate what's up next for HPI: the ADV 160.Rumors are starting
Yet another new Honda scooter has entered the market
If you follow the local motorcycle industry regularly, then you might have noticed how busy Honda Philippines (HPI) has gotten this year. We mean really busy.HPI has been continuously updating its lineup on an almost monthly basis, and recently, we were
How will Honda’s newest offering stack up against the competition?
Honda Philippines' (HPI) scooter lineup continues to grow-literally. After the arrival of the PCX 160 last year, it's now the Click's turn to get a new and bigger engine.The Click 160-after surfacing in our region earlier this
Does this mean the ADV 160 is up next?
Well, how about that? Our wild guess was right. Honda Philippines (HPI) was, in fact, set to introduce the all-new Click 160. Without further ado, then, let's get right to it.The new Honda Click 160 lands as the successor
Excited to see this land in PH?
It was only a matter of time before Honda fitted the ADV with the PCX's new engine. Ladies and gents, say hello to the new Honda ADV 160, which has just been launched in Indonesia.As with the PCX 160, the
Not the most affordable scooter out there but arguably one of the most stylish
Honda Philippines (HPI) has one of the most competitive small-scooter lineups in the market today. The roster caters to those looking for entry-level offerings as well as riders looking to go a bit upmarket.Recently, I was given the chance
We know a lot of you are curious about this new scoot
The scooter segment has always been one of Yamaha Motor Philippines' strengths, and the sales figures year in and year out reflect this. But despite having a variety of models on offer, the discontinuation of the Fino has left some customers longing
It comes with Yamaha’s new Blue Core Hybrid engine with a power-assist function
Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) has just unveiled its newest addition to the lineup: the Mio Fazzio. This new scoot boasts stylish looks, an affordable price tag, and new engine tech. Let's take a look.What's most striking about the Yamaha
These will be available for about P4,000 monthly with a 10% DP through financing
Fuel prices continue to shoot up. And if recently proposed tax reforms will push through, the prices of pickups-vehicles that were left unaffected by the TRAIN Law-might also see significant increases. This is why motorcycles are becoming a very practical
Does this deserve a place in our market?
We've seen the arrival of 300c maxi-scooters over the past few years such as those Kymcos and BMWs. "Hindi pa ginawang expressway-legal" is the usual response from most people, but the fact that Filipinos are still buying these bikes
We take a look at one of the most stylish small scooters in our market today
Honda Philippines (HPI) has continued to revamp its scooter lineup over the past few years. In addition to the top-selling Beat and Click, the company bolstered its offerings further with a couple of small-displacement maxi-scooters.One is the ADV
What’s your take on this small-displacement adventure bike?
Honda Philippines (HPI) may not have its own display at this year's Inside Racing Bike Festival, but it appears the company was still cooking up something big this week-the motorcycle manufacturer has now announced the arrival of the CB150X.The
Do you think Honda Philippines should bring this new model in?
The Genio is still one of the relatively fresh models in Honda Philippines' (HPI) lineup. With its chic and stylish looks, we highly doubt the scooter will begin to show its age anytime soon. However, a new model has just surfaced in
This cute Japan-only scooter costs P92,000 and can do up to 80km/L
From vinyl records and video games to laptops and scooters, country exclusives are par for the course in Japan. So when Honda announced the launch of the futuristic and quirky Dunk in January, it also launched the release of another Japan-only
What would you add to this list?
This year has been a big one for the local motorcycle industry. Apart from the introduction of new models, sales are also up from the year prior, particularly for the top four brands. We know 2022 has the potential to be just
Would you like to see this in the Philippines?
Honda's adventure scooter family continues to grow. More than two years ago, Honda revealed the ADV150-the X-ADV's smaller sibling. Now, the motorcycle marque has unveiled the new ADV350 at the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) 2021.
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