Old-school cool
Modern vans are safer, more capable, as well as much more convenient. All that said, we don't think anyone can deny their old-school counterparts had more character.If you agree with this line of thought, there's a company in
Who said vans can't be cool?
When it comes to vans, nobody really buys one because it's the cool thing to do. For the most part, people buy them for practical purposes, and not much else. But just because vans are built for purpose, it doesn&#
Old foes face off once more
The Toyota Hiace's era of absolute dominance might soon face a real challenge-at least if the newly introduced Hyundai Staria turns out to be as good as it looks on paper.We finally have the Hyundai Staria's spec-sheet
We have the spec sheet of the van with us
So, we finally got hold of a local spec sheet for the Hyundai Staria, and it appears the rumors are true: Our market only has the option of a single turbodiesel engine.Locally, it appears the entire Staria range will come equipped
We like
The Nissan Urvan is practical and utilitarian. But flashy? Not really. If you want to stand out, you might want to look elsewhere. You won't need to search too far, though.Nissan motorsport and customization subsidiary Autech has an aero kit
Delivery companies should get one of these
This utterly mad contraption is the new Supervan. The fourth time in the last 50 years that Ford has gone a bit giddy and decided to fit a Transit with a comically potent powertrain. It produces approximately 2,000hp and 1,800Nm
Have your eye on this model?
For the longest time, you couldn't buy a van in the Philippines without at least considering either the Toyota Hiace or Hyundai Starex. Nowadays? It's a one-man show for the former. This could change, though, when the Hyundai Staria
There could be ‘at least three variants’ available
If you've been keeping an eye out for Hyundai Motor Philippines' (HMPH) upcoming launches, you've probably seen photos of certain models making rounds on cyberspace. In case you missed it, we even shared a few actual photos of the Tucson."
As far as cartoon cars go, few if any are as iconic as the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo. Flowery wheel caps, groovy paint job, and rounded headlights? The thing is as classic as TV rides come.While not as memorable as
Spot the difference
Chinese car manufacturers have come a long way here in the Philippines. We aren't just referring to the products they offer, but the way they present themselves as well. Names like Geely and MG have made great strides for the way
Just one of for all-electric CVs that Ford plans to introduce by 2024
Ford is following up its recent launch of the full-sized E-Transit with an all-electric successor to the UK's best-selling vehicle. Brave.So, people of the Internet, say hello to the new Ford E-Transit Custom. Looks angry,
What say you?
Well, here's an unusual listing for you guys to ponder over this week. Someone over in Germany is currently selling a Toyota Hiace for a cool €30,900 (roughly P1.7 million) through online vehicle market mobile.de. The thing is,
Road trip!
Twenty years of concept cars. Six decades of history. And here, at long last, we are. Volkswagen has reinvented the Microbus for the EV age-and called it the ID Buzz.The new all-electric sliding door van's zany name is
“There’s enough room for anything from family hauling to full-on #vanlife”
Indeed it is, and it's worth taking a moment to appreciate its design. So often, people imagine that practicality and aesthetics sit at opposite ends of a spectrum. They really don't, as much as phrases like 'style over substance' and '
Suddenly relevant 20 years later...
This is the Toyota DMT concept, which was unveiled at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, where the slogan was 'Open the Door! The Automobile's Bright Future.' We think it might be one of those things where the meaning evaporates in translation.
The whereabouts of the stolen vehicle were tracked using the smartphone app
Interconnectivity between cars and smartphones these days weren't introduced simply for convenience-there's a safety aspect to it, too. If you're one of those people who haven't really bought in on the whole idea yet, then maybe this
More spacious, more comfortable, and easier to drive than any pretentious 4x4
It's the car formerly known as the Caravelle: VW's van-mit-windows. But the Multivan, despite its name and place in the Volkswagen range, ain't no humble van. Oh, no. It's gone all upmarket and thinks it's
The V-Class is one of the best in the market
Planning to buy a family van on a not-so-modest budget? If you're in this boat, your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership might be worth checking out right now.Auto Nation Group (ANG), the German car manufacturer's office local distributor,
Think the local lineup needs an update?
Most local buyers consider the Toyota Hiace the top-of-mind choice in the country's van segment. It's an understandable mindset when you take into account that a lot of people think the same way about the brand in general.
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