The all-new model has just been launched in Australia
Here's a dilemma: It's 2019, and you've got a sizeable budget for a snazzy new ride for the family. You've decided to buy Toyota, but there's a problem-you can't decide between the Hiace and the
An icon returns
The Mitsubishi L300 is one of those things that keeps soldiering on decade after decade. It was introduced during the first Aquino presidency in the '80s, and it kept on chugging through five more Philippine presidents. Many thought its long service to
We can’t wait to do a full review
It's a fine, sunny day here in Puerto Princesa, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is presenting us with a handful of choices after having won the privilege of choosing our first ride for Road Trek 2019, arguably TMP's premier annual
Manila-proof? More like life-proof
The Toyota Alphard is basically van goals, right? It's comfortable and spacious, and riding in it can make you forget about the gridlock and chaos happening outside. It's Manila-proof, as we all like to say.But what if we
Worth the price?
Well, that didn't take long. Atoy Llave finally got his hands on the all-new Toyota Hiace, and as expected, he got to doing what he does best.Behold, the Manila-proof 2019 Toyota Hiace. These images are of the GL
Is it fit for modern times?
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines recently celebrated a big milestone-the Japanese carmaker has now sold one million units in its decades-long presence in the country. That run includes iconic models like the Lancer, the Galant, the Adventure, and the L300. And that
The iconic van is making a comeback
The Mitsubishi L300 has been omnipresent in the Philippines for as long as we can remember. It's been ages since its creator has meddled with its foundation, and for good reason: Why fix what isn't broken?This seems to be
*Not really
It's April 1st, guys, so you should seriously believe everything you read. Including this new release from Toyota.If you've ever sat in a Hiace and thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be great if this van's gigantic roof weren'
It’s just been launched in Thailand
We Filipinos love our vans. It's the reason models like the Toyota Hiace, the Hyundai Grand Starex, and the Nissan NV350 Urvan are very popular throughout the country. MG, which has recently undergone a resurgence in our market, has a new
It can do up to 400km on a single charge
Multivan, Transporter, California, whichever name you best know Volkswagen's quite iconic lines of vans, buses, and campers, there's a new version, and this is it.Dubbed the T6.1, you'd be forgiven for thinking it represents a
Take a look at both models’ commuter variants
When it comes to vans, we think the more seats, the merrier. There's nothing quite like having the entire gang or family along for a long road trip. And if your barkada is composed of at least a dozen individuals, chances
The van’s interior is more modern than ever
A lot of the talk surrounding the all-new Toyota Hiace has been about its new-look exterior-specifically, the decision to reposition the engine and actually give the model a hood. That's nice, but we think the interior deserves special
It can seat 15 people
The all-new Toyota Hiace has been launched and will be available in three variants: the GL Grandia, the GL Grandia Tourer, and last but definitely not the least, the Commuter Deluxe.If you're shopping for a new hauler on a
An overview of the five different variants
By now, you will have read (or if not, click here) about the launch of the all-new Toyota Hiace. We Filipinos love our vans, so this launch from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is a pretty big deal.All variants of the
This will be a sales force to reckon with
The reports and leaks leading up to this day are true. The secret vehicle Toyota Motor Philippines is launching today is indeed the all-new Hiace-a big deal not just because it's a complete model change, but because this debut
This looks like the commuter variant
This, ladies and gentlemen, is likely the all-new Toyota Hiace's commuter version. Images of the vehicle surfaced yesterday in the HiaceThailand Facebook group, and they show the popular hauler sporting a new front end as well as altered dimensions.If
It’s got a switchable 4WD system and a 2.5-ton towing capacity
There are many things Top Gear has a soft spot for, but chief among them are a) odd Japanese vehicles; and b) quirky campervan conversions. Oh, and c) dogs. Therefore, this bright orange contraption-which definitely combines the first two and could
Check out that grille
Mitsubishi has just unveiled the all-new Delica, and if you take a closer look, you'll notice it looks a lot like another Mitsu model. Hint: It's rather, umm...expansive.Yes, the new van, dubbed the Delica D:5, looks
It was the ultimate barakada-mobile in the '90s
The Toyota Liteace first arrived locally in the early '80s in the form of the Townace available on the gray market. Those who fancied one but didn't want the gray-market option, though, had to wait until the late '80s, when
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