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Her home away from home
Celebrities and vans go together like butter on toast. It's no surprise then that these are popular with celebrities thanks to acres of space inside. That room also means these vans are customized to become a home away from home.For
Sadly, no Maybach-fied version
Believe it or not, the current-gen Mercedes-Benz V-Class is now nine years old. It made its world premiere in 2014 and was introduced in the Philippines a year later. One of its main competitors is the Toyota Alphard, and
As disco as it gets
This 1977 Dodge B100 Tradesman is a cool vintage festival-ready camper van, arguably the coolest vintage festival-ready camper van. Complete with its own disco ball, lava lamp, leather table and orange shag carpet, the swanky interior is the epitome of
by Cat Dow
This thing puts BMW’s grilles to shame
GAC Motor also got busy at this year's Auto Shanghai. In addition to the reveal of the Empow R, the carmaker also unveiled the new E9-its luxurious and electric answer to the Toyota Alphard.Or maybe even BMW, because look
Meet Lexus’ second-gen ultra-lux van
After a relatively short production cycle of four years, Lexus has introduced the all-new, second-generation of the LM for the 2024 model year. Unveiled during this year's Auto Shanghai, the redesigned luxury van also serves as a preview for
So, is it an MG or a Maxus?
When it comes to luxury vans, one model usually comes to mind, and that's the Toyota Alphard. However, MG is throwing its hat into the ring with a potential all-electric alternative...or is it Maxus?Now, the reason for this
It could be revealed in a few months
The Alphard has been a surprise sales hit for Toyota ever since it was introduced here over a decade ago. If anything, the Alphard has practically become the de facto luxury van in the country. It still sells well to this day,
It’s a shame the Delica D5 isn’t offered in left-hand drive
It's been several years since the new Mitsubishi Delica D5 made its debut. While far from an all-new model, we're still wishing that it'll land here someday. That said, that wish is a little far-fetched, given that
For the cargo van driver who wants comfort
Whether you like it or loathe it, the new Hyundai Staria is a unique piece of design when it comes to vans. From its futuristic front end to the space-age interior, the Staria brings something different to van market table.OTHER
Would this work in PH?
The Toyota Lite Ace is arguably the most flexible light commercial vehicle available in the local market today. While it isn't a passenger car from the get-go, Atoy Customs has already shown it can be modified to fit the purpose
Meet the Nissan Caravan Multi Bed
When it comes to practicality, versatility, and flexibility, few vehicle types can match a van. Whether it's for business or leisure, automakers acknowledge this by offering various styles and configurations from the factory. Nissan is no exception, and it just released
Kombi Brew
We've seen all sorts of food trucks and mobile cafes over the years. There's arguably nothing quite like this one, though: Kombi Brew's beautiful orange Volkswagen Kombi.This classic bus-aptly named Kahel-has been converted into a full-
This looks perfect for road trips
When it comes to road trips, the return journey is usually the more tiring one. This isn't just because you'll likely be pooped at this point, but also because there's a good chance you've managed to stuff your
One can dream, right?
It could be said that the Nissan Kicks e-Power is one of the most significant models to come out here this year. Not only does it serve as Nissan's baby crossover in the local lineup, it's been making a
Would this work in PH?
Do you really need a pickup for your business? Unless you plan on lugging cargo off the beaten path or need a storage area without a roof, the answer is most probably 'no.' Owning a truck would be neat, yes-but more
Worth the price?
It makes sense, really. Like Dominic Torretto, we Filipinos are all about family. And with a population of over 110 million, we're not exactly short on relatives. So driving out of town with a van full of people is about as
Should it make a comeback here?
The Nissan Serena may be a van that many don't remember, but it's still a popular nameplate in Japan and our neighboring countries. And with more people looking at seven-seaters these days, we're wondering if
Too lazy to start from scratch?
The Ford Transit is easily one of the most #vanlife-ready platforms the industry has to offer. Aftermarket nuts aren't the only ones who've noticed either, as even the vehicle's manufacturer is now offering it in a package centered
These have been popping up for sale once in a while lately
The Philippines is no stranger to unusual cars being sold locally. Whether it's a grey import luxury car or surplus models from Japan, it's what makes car spotting in the country that bit more interesting. Recently, we'
Courtesy of Atoy Customs
Remember Kim Chiu's Hyundai H350? Back when we first wrote about it in 2018, the ride was already pretty nice setup thanks to a handful of alterations made by Atoy Customs. Now, though? The vehicle is one of the snazziest in
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