Over 20,000 units affected due to headlamp-wiring issue
Honda CR-V units made from 2002 to 2004 are being recalled as Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) wants to replace specific parts in the sport-utility vehicles' lighting-switch assembly.HCPI found that the coupler terminal in the previous-generation Honda CR-
Roughly 700 units affected
Approximately 700 units of the BMW 5-Series (E60/E61) and 6-Series (E63/E64) are possibly involved in Asian Carmakers Corporations' (ACC) quality-measure campaign--a rather sweet way of saying "recall." ACC is the official importer and distributor of BMW
Are we safe again as usual?
The BMW X3 hasn't been on sale for over a year yet it's already being recalled due to a problem with its power steering system.In the report BMW filed with the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),
Two generations are affected
Mazda Motors is reportedly recalling almost 500,000 Mazda 3s globally due to en electronic problem that could prevent the car's windshield wiper from working.According to Reuters.com, roughly 494,500 Mazda 3 are affected by the recall and that
Are units sold in the Philippines affected?
Volvo has issued a recall alert for the fairly new Volvo S60 due to a problem with its fuel-transfer system.In a report Volvo filed with the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Swedish carmaker said the software for
Nope, not in the Philippines
The all-new Honda Civic hit the United States market on April 20 and the Japanese carmaker is already recalling 1,156 units of the brand-new car due to a defect in its fuel line.According to the National Highway Traffic
Due to a problem with its cruise control system
Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler AG is making a global recall of 2000- to 2002-model M-Class sport-utility vehicles and 2000- to 2004-model M-Class AMGs due to a cruise-control system problem.In Mercedes-Benz USA's
What's with Japanese cars and arachnids?
Spiders apparently love cars. After Mazda announced a recall due to cases of yellow sac spiders nesting in Mazda 6 units, LATimes.com reported Honda is experiencing the same problem with the Accord.Honda has yet to issue a recall but the
Are local units affected?
Suzuki has recalled 2009 to 2010 four-cylinder Grand Vitaras and in 2010 to 2011 SX4s in the United States due to a defective tension adjuster pulley.In Suzuki's report to the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsitration, the tension
When will it end?
Nearly 1.7 million vehicles are being recalled by Toyota Motor due to two separate defects to the fuel pipes and high-pressure fuel sensors that can result in a leak.According to JapanToday.com, an improperly installed pressure sensor attached to
On top of $16.4M paid in April
Toyota's recall woes have yet to end as the Japanese carmaker has just announced it will pay an additional $32.4-million fine on top of the $16.4 million it shelled out for the issue in April.This brings the
What's next?
Nissan is the latest carmaker to issue a recall numbering in the millions as it found a problem with some of its vehicles' ignition relay system.While no accident stemming from the vehicle issue has been reported, DetNews.com said Nissan decided
Local distributor to check if cars sold in the Philippines are affected
BMW is recalling over 150,000 vehicles due to defective fuel pumps.Based on the Wall Street Journal report, BMW will recall around 130,000 vehicles equipped with the German carmaker's twin-turbo inline-six-cylinder engines because its high-pressure
Will it ever end for Toyota?
Toyota's recall woes won't end soon as the Japanese carmaker has announced it will recall 1.66 million vehicles globally.According to Reuters, three separate issues comprise the latest recalls and most involve a brake master cylinder seal.Approximately 740,
More than 100,000 affected worldwide
Mercedes-Benz is recalling over 100,000 C- and E-Class units worldwide due to safety issues on the models' steering system.The affected units were manufactured between June 2009 and February 2010, the New York Times reported.The article cited a
Local distributor checking how many local units are affected
BMW is recalling nearly 354,000 cars globally after a routine vehicle servicing revealed a power braking system problem in some BMW models.The recall reportedly affects 348,000 V8- and V12-powered BMW 5-Series, 6-Series, and 7-Series vehicles,
Steering column issue limited to units made in the US
Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the authorized distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, said locally-sold Sonatas are not affected by the steering column issue that prompted the recall of 140,000 cars in the United States.HARI said Sonata units
See frame number of affected units here
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is conducting a voluntary recall of Civic 1.6 VTi-S units, which have been found to have defective passenger airbag inflator containers.The defective sedans were locally-produced from 2001 to 2002 and 77 units are affected
Repairs and program upgrades continue<br />
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. has already serviced more than three million vehicles affected by the series of three recalls which started late last year. Toyota USA broke down the figures and the type of recall it serviced as such:- 1.
Close to one million Hyundai vehicles are currently being recalled on four different concerns affecting various models of the South Korean brand. The first, and most widespread, recall affects 531,894 vehicles produced between 2005 and 2008. The problem, which lies in
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