Another awesome car was sent to the scrap heap for the sake of entertainment. Utterly disgusting.Just kidding. We absolutely love it when production opts to crash real cars instead of computer-generated ones (looking at you, Fast and Furious). We hate
Best video game ride of all time?
The real-life Halo Warthog at the Free Guy premiere a couple of weeks ago is easily one of our favorite builds of 2021 so far. Not just because the vehicle is an actual functioning 1,000hp beast, but also because, well,
We think we all know the answer to this
The shoes you wear behind the wheel can play a part in how well you drive. Whether or not your footwear can make you a driver, though, is at the very least up for debate.Obviously, if you're attempting to heel-
Remember this scene?
Paul Walker, God rest his soul, was easily one of the most legitimate car guys in all of Hollywood. He wasn't just playing a car guy in the Fast and Furious films-he was actually pretty skilled behind the wheel off
Check out all the changes here
In the auto industry, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel if you're hoping to make an impact. Just ask Mitsubishi, which has just introduced the new Mirage G4 in the local market packing a familiar 1.2-liter
Music to our ears
No hybrids, no full-electric powertrains-at least not yet. Yes, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser still comes powered by good old-fashioned gasoline and diesel, and we reckon a few of you persists out there are pleased with the Japanese
‘Hectic’ is probably an understatement
Earlier this year, Car Porn Racing broke the aftermarket community's heart with the news that it was closing its doors permanently come June. Well, it's August now, and the company is working double-time to take care of unfinished business
It also goes airborne for a bit
Still not excited for the local arrival of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser? Well then, maybe this footage will finally get you to board the LC300 hype train.The Land Cruiser Channel YouTube page recently uploaded a montage of the next-
The final bill was pretty steep
How much would you be willing to spend to fully trick out a brand-new ride? A third of the vehicle's base price? Perhaps double? Depending on your intent, that might be a reasonable amount. But would you be willing to
There can be a lot of hotheads out on the road at any given time. For everyone's sake, we hope whoever's behind this thing isn't one of them.What is it? Well, on the surface, it's just an
One minute you're nonchalantly driving along C5, and then boom-you run over a pothole. At the very least, deeper ones will shake up a car's occupants, and at worst they can mess up your ride or even cause accidents.
Someobody make this happen here
Pop open a food delivery app on your smartphone and you're likely to come across a handful of Korean BBQ joints in there. Now, ordering from one is all fine and dandy if you're absolutely desperate to satisfy your samgyup
If you’re in first class, at least
The Shinkansen bullet train in Japan is easily one of the most impressive forms of transport in all of Asia. Fast, comfortable, and incredibly efficient, it's hard to imagine a better way of zipping around a country than in something like
A sad sight
Few things are more heartbreaking to a car lover than seeing amazing cars rotting away in some abandoned lot somewhere. It's sad enough coming across a dust-covered auto waiting for its owner in a parking garage, but coming across supercars
Would you buy one of these?
Playing a track via your car's Bluetooth setup is a pretty straightforward affair: You connect to an infotainment system, and after a few taps of its touchscreen, you're good to go.But what if you drive an older vehicle without
Watch it come to life
Remember that ridiculous Robosen Optimus Prime figure that went on sale earlier this year? You know it-self-transforming capability, voice control, and an eye-watering P53,700 price tag. Well, unboxing one of these bad boys looks just about as fun
Call us materialistic, but we take great pleasure in unpacking something brand-new and untouched by the spoiled grimy hands of...well, okay, our spoiled grimy hands.Maybe it's the latest gadget or a toy we've had our eyes on
This is the dream
The #vanlife isn't for everybody. Driving from place to place and sleeping in relatively cramped quarters on a nightly basis? It's easy to see why most people wouldn't find this ideal.The setup is probably even less appealing to
‘I wouldn’t even give that a one-star’
What's every amateur chef's worst nightmare? We're not sure-we're motoring journalists, not food writers. We reckon, though, that receiving a critical beatdown from Gordon Ramsay on television has to be in the running, right?Why bring this
Drone pilot, you’re the real MVP
A Porsche Taycan Cross drifting in the middle of the Arctic tundra and a Middle Eastern desert? That's some plot. But if you're expecting all attention to be fixed squarely on the expensive German sports car kicking up sand and
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