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S60 and XC60 get sporty makeovers
How much is it selling for?
Ever since it came out, the Volvo S60 has been one of our preferred European sedans. It has just the right blend of understated good looks and flair.Now, Volvo Philippines has come out with a new variant that makes ownership of
Offer good for February only
This February, Volvo Philippines is offering huge discounts on its select 2011, 2012 and 2013 model-year cars. Dubbed as the "Volvo Model Turnover Season Offer," the sales promo gives you as much as P1.3-million savings on a brand-new
With PH distributor\'s 90-day bank holiday
Viking Cars, the distributor of Volvo in the Philippines, wants you to take a break from all the holiday spending with its \"Drive Now, Pay in March\" ownership offer.With the program, customers enjoy a bank holiday by letting them drive away
Smart marketing move
In April, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority issued a circular stating that the conduction sticker will temporarily serve as a vehicle\'s license plate, in light of the Land Transportation Office\'s inability to produce adequate license plates for newly purchased cars.
Roughly a year after its global launch
Viking Cars, the official distributor of Volvo vehicles in the country, has quietly brought into its showrooms the all-new V40 five-door hatchback, a car that has the characteristics of larger Volvo models \"wrapped in a sleek, compact package.\" The local
More luxury for the same price
This month, Volvo Philippines is offering buyers of its S80 luxury sedan a free upgrade to the even more luxurious S80 Executive Edition.The S80 Executive upgrade features a free rear-seat entertainment system, a rear spoiler, 18-inch alloy wheels and
Yes, that's a cool P1,000,000
We don't care what they say about money no longer having value these days--a million bucks is still a million bucks. Definitely not to be sneezed at. That amount is still quite steep even by today's standards, so much
Making aftermarket alarm systems obsolete
Volvo is keeping its car owners in touch with their vehicles even without the benefit of an aftermarket system by releasing a mobile application that practically does the same thing."We design cars around people's needs and lifestyle. Creating an intuitive
Viking Cars will take you to places
Viking Cars is giving buyers of brand-new Volvo vehicles a reason to be merry this season by letting them choose a gift from 12 generous options.Customers who buy a brand-new Volvo at the Volvo Makati dealership get a chance
World's safest car brand isn't safe from recalls
Volvo, known as one of the world's safest brands, has announced the recall of nearly 10,000 vehicles over airbag concerns.In its report to the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Volvo said there could be "an intermittent
Enticing enough?<br />
Viking Cars, the exclusive distributor of Volvo vehicles in the country, is making its current lineup more affordable with a month-long interest-free acquisition promo. Volvo's Interest-Free Program allows buyers to take home a brand-new Volvo at
Are you one of the lucky few?<br />
The jury has spoken. Here are the best answers to's question "Why is the Volvo XC60 the perfect vehicle for Edward Cullen?" The members who sent these answers will join Viking Cars, Inc. (Volvo Philippines) in an
It's a one-day promo so you better hurry!<br />
The Volvo XC60 that comes with the City Safety technology returns to the silverscreen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."After the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, dealers reported increased interest in the Volvo XC60 and noted that customers came to
Ready for the swap?<br />
Tired of your old vehicle? Viking Cars, Inc., the official distributor of Volvo vehicles in the country, has a solution to your problem. Starting this Father's Day weekend, you can trade in your current vehicle for a brand-new Volvo.
Two-door promises more fun and fuel efficiency
The new Volvo C30--a two-door coupe that promises more fun and fuel efficiency--has arrived in the Philippine market.Viking Cars, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Volvo vehicles in the Philippines, has introduced the redesigned Volvo C30, which comes with
Self-stopping car to arrive in the third quarter<br />
Viking Cars, the exclusive distributor of Volvo vehicles in the Philippines, is bringing in the new Volvo S60 in the third quarter of the year. The new Volvo S60, which was launched at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 2, is
<p>No problem reported in the Philippines but Volvo offers inspection, repairs</p>
Viking Cars, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Volvo vehicles in the Philippines, has identified 37 cars possibly affected by a fuel system problem that has prompted the recall of thousands of Volvo units in the United States. "Steps have been taken to
People used to always gravitate toward volvo's vehicles because of safety. Vernon B. Sarne discovers another reason and it's called diesel
Market size dictates. And in terms of automotive market size, the United States reigns supreme. I point this out to lay the blame on the Americans for the oversupply of SUVs today. Because the Yanks are crazy about sport utilities, even BMW
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