Own a classic?
Do you own a classic? If so, have you registered it under the guidelines of the Vintage Vehicle Regulations Act? If so, you might expect the plates for it soon.Recently, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released the first set of
Here’s what you need to know about it
Land Transportation Office (LTO) assistant secretary Jay Art Tugade approved the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act (Republic Act No. 11698) on January 30, 2023. The IRR will take effect on April 17, 2023.Under the IRR,
No word yet if the tax reform will also affect luxury cars and SUVs
Pickup trucks and motorcycles aren't the only vehicles to be affected by the Department of Finance's (DOF) proposed tax reforms-it appears even vintage cars may not also be safe from the new policies if and when they take effect.
Here’s for all the collectors and aficionados out there
Recently, there were two important bills that lapsed into law concerning the automotive industry: the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act and the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act. We already discussed the former in a detailed explainer. This time around, we're going to
The car’s got a nice black finish and shiny chrome wheels
Some NBA superstars like flashy supercars and burly SUVs-take Donovan Mitchell, for example. Then there are others, such as Devin Booker, who like going for the classics-we got to see some of his sick wheels during the 2021 NBA Finals.
You can see the love they put into the work
Oh, hello there. You've clicked on a link because you saw a cool-looking Land Rover and likely thought, 'Yeah, that's worth a few minutes of my time to check out.' But think about what you're actually doing-you'
Want an electric Porsche that’s not a Taycan? Step this way
It's an electric 911, is what it is. Porsche itself decided not to battery-ify the current 911 in favor of creating the Taycan, and while the wisdom of that decision is self-evident, it's left the door open for
Should this pass?
There are laws in place to protect historical landmarks, buildings, and relics, so why not protect historical cars as well?This is the mindset House deputy speaker Wes Gatchalian had when he co-authored House Bill No. 8244, entitled An Act Regulating
Now, we don't often like to tell you how to think, but you absolutely must love these restomodded Range Rovers from Florida-based company E.C.D. Automotive Design.Just look at them. If all modern SUVs looked this good we
It’s time to send some good vibes your way
Here's a question for you gearheads: How far have you gone to get that dream car you've always wanted? This guy right here went the distance-he spent decades waiting to finally buy back his dad's old Volkswagen Type
It’s as pristine as vintage cars get
Vintage cars, more often than not, go in either of two directions after decades of existence: a full-blown restoration or a restomod. This mint-condition 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I, however, went through neither of those."But how come it looks
Hot damn
The paint job and Pandem bodykit are enough to give this RX-7 stares (plus the fact that it's an RX-7), but for us, the real highlight of this car is the three-rotor 20B sitting in the engine bay.
Held at the famous Tsukuba Circuit
Each year, there's a British motoring event that shouldn't just be dog-eared into your diary, but tattooed. We are of course talking about the marvelous throwback spectacle commonly known as Goodwood Revival. The three-day festival celebrates the finest
This could be a lifesaver in emergency situations
If you're out on a camping trip and need to start a fire, here are some ways your car can help you do that. Note: Only try these methods if an easier way to create a fire (for instance, using a
Both are awesome, but you know you want one more than the other
The rivalry between these two major Japanese AWD sports sedans goes back to the early '90s. While it has died down due to the discontinuation of the Lancer Evolution, these two cars remain relevant and will, for a long time, be icons
Half a century ago, these technological marvels reset the boundaries of speed
Fifty years ago, the technological needle was moved somewhere it had never been before. On April 9, 1969, the first British-made Concorde began its maiden flight and opened the door to the world of supersonic commercial travel. Back on the ground
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