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Meet Volkswagen's plug-in cargo van
Look! It's a VW ID. Buzz that costs less than a deposit on a house! Okay, so the only reason the ID. Buzz Cargo can undercut the £62,995 (P4,245,564 at current conversion rates) First Edition model is that
Can the retro-futuristic Volkswagen ID.Buzz win over the Kombi's biggest fans?
Reinventing icons isn't easy. Volkswagen was aware of that when they revived the lovable Bus as the electric ID.Buzz. It's one of the boldest and bravest things Volkswagen has done, and it's almost certain that
It’s definitely eye-catching...
Apparently, it was World Design Day on Wednesday this past week. Gah! We can't quite believe we missed such an important date in the calendar...Anyway, Volkswagen decided to mark the occasion with a tweet. So far, so corporate and cliched,
Which one got it right?
Reimagining an icon. The bigger the icon, the more the agonizing that goes into it. And recently, two of the biggest have been revived. And what's more, the Volkswagen ID Buzz and Land Rover Defender have interesting pointers for each other.
Road trip!
Twenty years of concept cars. Six decades of history. And here, at long last, we are. Volkswagen has reinvented the Microbus for the EV age-and called it the ID Buzz.The new all-electric sliding door van's zany name is
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