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Can it be a best-seller?
For those in the market for a small premium crossover, Volkswagen aims to steer you towards its showroom with its latest product. Dubbed the Tharu, it indirectly succeeds the Tiguan as Volkswagen Philippines' top crossover, sitting above the T-Cross.It's
What would you do if your campervan didn't have quite as much space inside as you'd like? Buy a bigger camper, right?Well, that's not the solution that this Volkswagen Type 2 owner landed on. Instead, they bought a
Here are some of the specs of the two variants
Ahead of the local launch of the Volkswagen Tharu on September 29, Volkswagen Philippines has released the variants and 'indicative pricing' of its upcoming small crossover. Check them out below:Both variants get the same engine: a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline
A much-needed model locally?
It's been a while since Volkswagen offered the Tiguan in the Philippines. It was first introduced in the country in 2015, and the second-generation was briefly sold here in 2017. Volkswagen Philippines reverted to the first gen model when it
“The vehicle will not go on sale”
Though the announcement of Volkswagen's one-off show car is peppered with exciting information, a stern note at the bottom derails it entirely. "Concept car. The vehicle will not go on sale."And thus, we begin the campaign to get this
Here’s what we know so far
We wrote last month that the Volkswagen Tharu could be headed for our market based on a teaser released by Volkswagen Philippines. Well, we can now confirm that the model will be sold locally: The first batch of Tharu units has arrived
The Golf, Tiguan, and GTI names will survive
You can breathe a sigh of relief-the Golf, Tiguan and GTI badges are safe, says Volkswagen brand boss Thomas Schafer, while others will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Well, we're far less bothered about the Tiguan, but
As confirmed by VW
You read that correctly: the GTI badge has a future in the electric age after all, and the Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept is the car that proves it.Based on the ID.2all concept that was revealed back in March, the ID.
Wagons for the win
Good news! Volkswagen has revealed the new Passat, and it's made some significant changes to this ninth-gen (!) effort. Blimey, that makes us feel old.Chiefly, it'll only be available in wagon guise. Although the popular family hauler is
by Cat Dow
It shouldn't have happened in the first place
Every day the office is swamped with a deluge of tedious press releases. "Did you know 114.5% of car owners can't change their oil filter while blindfolded?!" they shriek. "New research suggests Lamborghini owners are THREE TIMES more
It has everything including the kitchen sink
Yes, we do have Californias at the moment, but this one is a new proto-version, so it's called a concept. But to be honest, there's not much in the way of 26-inch rim and alligator-eyelid leather outlandishness
What exactly is it?
By the looks of things, it seems that Volkswagen Philippines might be bringing in the Tharu crossover here. So far, there are three shadowy teaser photos on the company's Facebook page, but there are enough details shown to figure out this '
Dear VW Philippines...
The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the cars we rather like. Whether it was with the 1.6 or 2.0 TDI, or the gas-powered 1.4 TSI, it was a sedan that offered a true European car experience at a
Badge swaps that flew under the radar
Rebadging, or badge engineering as some folks would call it, happens more common than you think in the auto industry. Even in the early days of the automobile, companies have been trading badges to stick on each other's cars. Case in
Would you like to see this land in our market?
Oh look, it's only a refreshed version of the Volkswagen T-Cross. Don't get too excited, as customers in the UK will have to wait until at least March 2024 to take delivery of this updated SUV and you know
Oh well
It could be said that the Beetle is one of the cars that defined Volkswagen. So when a concept appeared in upcoming French animated children's film, it's understandable that folks got hyped up for a possible Beetle revival. Besides,
Happy 50th, Brasilia!
The Beetle isn't the only icon to ever come out of Volkswagen. There's also the Karmann Ghia, the Type 2 (aka, the Kombi), and the Golf, all of which have a strong cult following around the world. But let's
The Beetle is back! Well, sort of
If we're talking about the longest running nameplates in automotive history, the Volkswagen Beetle is definitely in the running. Mind you, it wasn't called 'Beetle' (or Käfer if you insist calling it by its German name) at first, and
VW also confirmed the upcoming GTX will put out 334hp and do 0-100kph in 6.4sec
In surprising news, Volkswagen has revealed a new... holiday, specifically for the United States of America. From now on, June 2 will be known as 'VW Bus Day,' marking the return of the friendly little van to American shores.Oh, it's
Only in Germany, sadly
So this is the Volkswagen Golf R 333 Limited Edition that was teased last month. It's based on a Golf R Performance, but is crucially also yellow. Now cough up, suckers.We kid... a bit. As the name suggests it's
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