Made for the autobahn
This is the new Volkswagen Passat. On the surface it looks rather like the outgoing one-little has changed visually-but beneath it there are some pretty punchy tech upgrades.Headlining those is the slightly ambiguously named 'Travel Assist.' It's the
Stock don't rock when it comes to pickups these days
Here's your fact of the day: It wasn't until 1987-just 32 years ago-that a team of human being first walked to the North Pole. Hearty congrats to Canadians Richard Weber and Brent Boddy, who rightly deserve their place
The more GTIs, the better
Welcome to the Volkswagen Up GTI-a Top Gear UK award-winner, and all-round tremendous thing. At least for a week at a time. We hope this one proves just as lovable over the six months or so we'll be
It’ll change the delivery industry as we know it
The delivery industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Everything these days-from meals and groceries to gadgets and furniture-can be dropped off at your doorstep with a couple of taps on a screen, and anyone with access to the internet
The bare essentials done right
Earlier this year, Volkswagen Philippines completely revamped its lineup with a slew of cars imported from the Chinese market. The goal, the German carmaker explained, is to appeal to a broader market with models offered at cheaper prices.One of the more
One for the outdoorsy folks out there
Retro touches are best when they're subtle. And thus we admire the classiness of Volkswagen's nod to the Skoda Felicia Fun, buried a little beneath the surface of this Tarok pickup concept.If you don't remember the Fun, you
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