Electric-powered classics don’t get any groovier than this
There are many, many companies around the world that'll restore your arthritic Volkswagen bus and convert it from gasoline to electric power. Germany's eClassics is one such outfit.But here's the thing-eClassics actually has the support of the
And will the GTX badge soon replace the revered GTI suffix?
Volkswagen, like Audi, Mini, and Mercedes-Benz, is in a bit of an awkward pickle: It now builds an electric rival to its core model.Audi's own e-tron GT arguably competes with the RS6, the A7, and the A8. Mini
The subcompact SUV will officially go on sale later this month
They're officially here, people. Volkswagen Philippines has just confirmed that the T-Cross has already landed on local ports, and the company was kind enough to share with us some actual photos of the new arrivals.According to VW Philippines, the
Peak power is now at 295hp, versus 201hp for the standard car
Welcome to the first of many sporty electric road-going Volkswagens-the ID.4 GTX. Big news is the addition of a second e-motor for all-wheel drive (when required, not all the time) and a reasonable, but not earth-shattering,
The German carmaker has been hailed as a leader in the auto industry
Fresh off its World Car of the Year win (and a very, very busy week at the 2021 Auto Shanghai) Volkswagen now adds yet another entry to its catalog of accolades: The German carmaker has just been named on the inaugural Time
A new Polo GTI will follow in 2022
Welcome one and all to the newly facelifted Volkswagen Polo. And yes, before you ask, there will be a new Polo GTI. Not until 2022, though, so back to the standard car for now...Unsurprisingly it looks much the same as the
This is VW’s large SUV launched in the Chinese market
The Volkswagen ID.6 isn't the only big reveal the German automaker made at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. VW has also just pulled the wraps off of the Talagon, one of its largest SUVs to date.The Talagon is a product
Deals on the Santana, Santana GTS, Lavida, and Lamando are available
If you're in the market for a brand-new car this summer, you've got to check this out. Volkswagen Philippines is offering massive discounts on four different models-the Santana, Santana GTS, Lavida, and Lamando.The Santana MPI MT is
It’s the biggest full-electric ID model to date
Meet the Volkswagen ID.6. We've had the 3, 4, and... well, they appear to have missed one out. To confuse numerical matters yet further, the ID.6 can have seven seats.It's the biggest full-electric ID model yet,
To be launched next month
In March 2020, Volkswagen Philippines confirmed that it would be introducing the T-Cross in the local market. If this is a release you've been keeping an eye on, you'll be happy to know that we finally have a launch
It beat no less than the Honda e and the Toyota Yaris
The results are finally out, folks, and it's official: The Volkswagen ID.4 is 2021's World Car of the Year.The ID.4 is VW's first all-electric SUV that was launched in the second half of 2020. We'
And another one
Apparently Volkswagen thinks the world needs yet another crossover. So it's pinching the Nivus from South America, where it was developed and is already available, and has announced plans to stick it on sale in Europe towards the end of this
What a blunder
Volkswagen of America is not about to change its name to... Voltswagen of America. In an announcement earlier today-two whole days before April Fools' Day (In North America), remember-the company said the apparent rebrand was a "public declaration of the
The company is reportedly considering using the name to emphasize its EV efforts
Voltswagen. It almost sounds right. But that's no typo-that's actually a name that Volkswagen is thinking of using.According to a recent report by CNBC, Volkswagen accidentally posted a press release on its website a month early. The said
You either adapt or face obsolescence
Deep inside the German car companies, something very big indeed is shifting. Inside five years, they'll drastically reconfigure how they design, develop, build, and sell.I'd love to tell you what sort of cars this means we'll get, but
The truck will be launched sometime in 2022
Volkswagen and Ford previously announced an alliance, through which the two industry giants plan to jointly develop a new platform for their next-generation pickups. Now, it appears that we're moving closer to seeing the results-specifically VW's-in their
We wonder if it can go sideways, too
If what's revered as one of the greatest hot hatches ever built, the Volkswagen Golf GTI, had a bigger and roomier brother, then we reckon this would be it: the Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Sportline.It's sporty, alright. It's
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