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Part of the company’s efforts to achieve its Vision 2020
Volvo will be displaying one of its plug-in hybrids, too
We owe a lot to the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) and Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) countries: They brought us Ikea, Thor, ABBA, and-last but not least-Volvo.In the Philippines, NordCham Philippines promotes and facilitates trade, industry, and
A sexy little Swede
The prices for Volvo's latest Philippine offering, the all-new XC40, have been revealed. If you're looking to buy a brand-new premium crossover this 2019, this should be worth a look. We've seen it in the metal and
It beat the all-new Toyota Corolla
The results of this year's Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) voting are in, and-once again-Volvo finds itself a cut above the rest of the competition.Volvo's XC40 has been named the 2018 JCOTY after narrowly edging out
A mix of luxury and practicality
Lately, I've developed a deeper appreciation for some of Volvo's creations. Keep in mind I went from a guy who didn't care much for the brand in the past to someone who now considers the Swedish carmaker part of
A few pros and cons
The Volvo V90 Cross Country might be the perfect car. Or it might not. This sexy wagon has got our hearts thumping, but there are also a few things holding it back from ultimate greatness. Here's a list of some of
Not just any wagon
It's unquestionable that Volvo's engineering has always been its strongest point. However, it falls short on a trait the Germans possess--aesthetic design. That's changed over the past few years, during which the company has made the biggest leap
Plus a chance to go to Volvo Ocean Race
Potential buyers of Volvo S90, V90 Cross Country and S60 R-Design, listen up. It's time to make up your mind if you're getting one, because this promo doesn't last forever.Volvo Philippines is offering free PMS for the
Now available for reservations
Earlier this year, Volvo revealed the all-new XC60 at the Geneva Motor Show. Now, Volvo Philippines has given a preview of the compact SUV at an exclusive event. The carmaker's Crayfish Party was organized in partnership with Nordic Chamber of
Not your average wagon
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. When you think of a station wagon, you might be inclined to think of something out of National Lampoon's Vacation. A boring family
The premium wagon for adventurers
The Philippine market welcomes another wagon. This time, it's from premium Swedish carmaker Volvo, and it's not just for hauling your grocery shopping bags.Meet the all-new Volvo V90 Cross Country, the rugged wagon sibling of the S90 and
Safe can be fun, too
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. When you mention Volvo to the average gearhead, there's usually one adjective that springs to mind: safe. The Swedish carmaker has carved out
Elegance personified
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Sun. Sea. The Volvo S90. The combination just sounds like an ideal vacation, doesn't it? We were lucky enough to experience just that
No more wasted time in traffic
We've all been there: You're stuck in traffic and you feel helpless about all the time you're wasting. Your mind wanders to all the productive things you could be doing instead of waiting for the light to go green.
Available at NAIA Terminal 3
Remember when Sting played a concert in Manila last year? Well, did you know that the legendary musician cruised around town in a Volvo XC90? That should tell you all you need to know about the kind of crowd that drives Volvos.
Up to P500,000 off
If you've always wanted own a Volvo, now's a great time to finally pull the trigger. In celebration of Chinese New Year, Volvo Philippines is offering big discounts on select models.Interested buyers of the XC90 and XC60 can get
A great way to give back
Volvo is renowned for its high safety standards. The Swedish carmaker has placed a particular focus on keeping children safe while inside its cars. In fact, it created the world's first rear-facing child seat prototype all the way back in
As announced by regional officers
If there's one obvious indicator that a car launch is significant to an automotive company, it would have to be the presence of regional executives. They'd fly in a day or two before the unveil and deliver a short speech
We spent time with this stately Swede
I was having a nice lunch with Chris Yu, Volvo Philippines' senior manager for marketing strategy, and we were discussing the industry and his company's future plans (hint: watch out for something special from them in March).While I was putting
Get iPhone or MacBook Air with purchase
Based on design and aesthetics alone, it wouldn't be a stretch to call Volvo the Apple of the motoring industry. Both have products that look plucked from the Ikea catalog. Of course, the big difference is that Apple is worth more
The stately S90 is back
We just saw the all-new Volvo XC90 in the metal a few weeks ago, and now it seems we have another Swedish automobile to look forward to. Volvo has just revealed its new S90 sedan, and it revives a model we
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