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Arguably two of the most important new cars BMW will launch this year
Wagon lovers, rejoice!
This just in: Travis Pastrana and Subaru have revealed the latest addition to the Gymkhana hall of fame, and it is a modified 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. Because nothing screams great skids and huge, graceful jumps like a...1983 Subaru GL Wagon.
Still dreaming of the day this makes it to our market
The Toyota Corolla as a police car isn't exactly an entirely new proposition around these parts. We've seen quite a few of them around here, albeit in the form of older-generation Altis units. It's a perfectly serviceable choice,
’90s form meets modern Type R brawn
We must sincerely apologize-when Fifteen52 and Mountune USA unveiled this fantastic JACCS-liveried, fifth-generation Honda Accord wagon that it had built in collaboration with Honda Performance Development (HPD) back in May, we completely missed the chance to show it to
We actually like it
We say it all the time here at Top Gear Philippines: Wagons are severely underrated. They're practical, stylish, and in some cases, very capable vehicles. The latest one we have our sights set on? The WRX.Yes, the all-new Subaru
SRK Designs’ rendering makes it seem like so
Hyundai's N Division really hit the mark with the new Elantra N, in terms of both design and performance. But as with most new vehicles launched these days, it's yet just another subject for artists around the web to play
You can get it for less for a while, though
Wagons are a pretty big deal over here at Top Gear Philippines. Simply put, we love them and have always thought it's a shame there aren't more of them around in the Philippine market. If you're of this mindset
An SUV isn’t always the answer
Today is officially a good day, for we are able to bring you news of a new fast wagon: the Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R Estate.Of course, it uses the same drivetrain as the Golf R five-door hatch-a 2.0-
The Levorg got the highest score among all vehicles with five-star ratings
After winning the Japan Car of the Year in 2020, the Subaru is now adding yet another accolade to the Levorg's list of achievements: the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) Best Award 2020.The all-new Levorg, which was unveiled
Which of these three would you opt for?
We've seen the Toyota 86 shooting brake, and we've also seen the Honda Civic wagon. Now, if you fancied those concepts as much as we did, then we've a little treat for you.Brazil-based artist Kleber Silva, the
X-Tomi Design’s render makes us think so
After months of waiting, Honda has finally given us a proper look at the 11th-generation Civic. But we're not here to talk about that. What we're here to talk about is X-Tomi Design's take on the all-
The perfect pedal-powered companion
Porsche wasn't done when it revealed the Taycan Cross Turismo late last month, as the German carmaker had a couple new sets of wheels built to match its just-unveiled all-electric wagon up its sleeve, too. These, though, are of
Suzuki has revealed more details on its new vehicle bound for the UK
First, it was the Toyota RAV4-based Suzuki Across that landed in the UK. Now, Suzuki is bringing in the Corolla-based hybrid wagon called the Swace. Funky name, but we digress.We already got our first look at this thing a
It’s the second car to emerge from Suzuki and Toyota’s partnership
This is the Suzuki Swace, a brand-new, very sensible hybrid wagon that promises low emissions and low fuel consumption've given up, haven't you?It is the second car supplied by Toyota to Suzuki-anyone getting more than
We find out if it’s as sensible as it makes itself out to be
It's the Toyota Corolla Trek, effectively a shrunken Audi Allroad-rival with hybrid power. Toyota may be the most SUV-obsessed carmaker out there, with 14 different models sold across the globe (at last count), but thankfully, it's still seen
Wagons > crossovers
The Volkswagen Arteon-effectively a slipperier, plusher Passat-has been with us for a few years now. So, it's been facelifted. And along with all the normal boring stuff-updated infotainment, cleaner and greener engines, and new bumpers that look almost
Who doesn't love wagons?
If you've ever graced these pages before, you'll know exactly how much we love almost everything that Alpina builds. You'll also know that the new 455hp B3 Touring holds a special place in our hearts, because BMW flat-out
The claimed fuel economy is 70.6km/L
Rejoice, semi-committed eco families, for BMW has answered your calls for a more practical plug-in 3-Series.Like the sedan, the BMW 330e Touring uses a 2.0-liter gasoline engine making 181hp. It's married to an eight-speed
Which is your pick?
The very best kind of car in the world is a wagon. Call it what you will: estate, dad chariot, weekender, sportwagon, or shooting brake, but the fact of the matter is that the second a manufacturer adds a big, open area
Each one is a winner
Wagons are cool. And Audi has long been the ultimate authority on fast wagons. Step forward its latest: the Audi RS6. Only the front doors, the roof, and the tailgate are shared with an A6, so even your most myopic neighbor should
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