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We're not really sure when we'll finally be able to rid of the inevitabable rain. Thankfully, you won't need to worry much when automotive companies are proactive in their campaigns in making sure that you are safe on the
What's your take now?
It's a debate that seemingly has no end in sight. Three years ago, we published a story asking you guys what you thought about turning your hazard lights on in rainy weather. We also posed the question to some industry
Stay woke on the road
Almost every Pinoy motorist knows that our roads are nowhere near perfect, and their condition gets worse during the rainy months. This can turn your drive into a slalom challenge of avoiding potholes.I honestly can't help ponder that this is
Hazard lights while driving in the rain
Yesterday, we posted on our Facebook page a video of a vehicle traveling with its hazard lights on in the rain, with the following caption:This video shows that many Filipino drivers believe that turning on the hazard lights during a heavy
In constant threat of heat and rain
Rounds 8 and 9 of the Pro Mazda Championship were held in Houston, Texas, on a street course that runs beside the historic Astro Dome close to downtown. Having made my debut at this very track in October last year, I was
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