It’s supposed to come out in 2024
Remember the neat airless tire concept Michelin came up with back in 2019? It was called the Uptis-that's short for Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System-and it's supposed to revolutionize the tire industry when it hits the market in
These could be good gifts for the upcoming Christmas season
How do chocolate BBS wheels for dessert sound like to you? Pretty cool, huh?Japanese design company 4Design by DW has released a special chocolate mold called Hanagata that features special BBS designs. The designs were provided by the wheel brand, who
Quite possibly the most obnoxious, too
Supreme isn't new to slapping its branding onto automotive products. Last year, the lifestyle company partnered with Lamborghini to produce some in-your-face apparel for the supercar manufacturer, and its collaboration with Mac Tools would look right at home in
These optional rims are 22 inches in diameter
Great news for those who were thinking about buying a Bentayga but always thought it was around 24kg too heavy-Bentley's Mulliner division has developed an all-new 22-inch wheel that's made exclusively from carbon fiber.Yep, it apparently
Looking for some new wheels for your truck or SUV?
Any aftermarket-loving truck and SUV owners present? Good news, because you're going to have a new wheel brand to consider once your ride is due for an upgrade.Method Race Wheels has been launched in the Philippine market, with Wheel
We kind of dig it
It's just a set of wheels. That's what I keep telling myself. 'Just a set of wheels,' I think as I stumble down the stairs in the morning. 'Just a set of wheels,' I mutter under my breath every time
Ever wondered how much these cost?
These wheels need no introduction. TE37s don't just look incredible on just about any ride you slap them onto-they're also some of the most sought-after wheels in the aftermarket scene. As such, the cost quite a bit. Apparently,
The silliest optional extra of them all?
Once Ferrari figured out it could flog pricey carbon wheels to willing punters, it made sure to offer them in a juicy go-faster pack for the ballistic SF90 Stradale hybrid. Along with carbon wheels, the Assetto Fiorano bundle includes stickier tires,
Be careful what you buy
Let this be a lesson to anyone selling counterfeits out there: Just because we're in the middle of a pandemic doesn't mean authorities are too busy to come after you. Case in point? The unlucky criminals recently caught moving millions
Time to treat your ride
Looking to give your car an early Christmas gift? If not, Concept One's 2020 anniversary sale might make you reconsider.For the entire month of September, Concept One is offering a handful of its aftermarket wheels for up to 80% off
In case you ever wondered
They may not be as intriguing to learn about compared to an engine or transmission, but tires are just as vital-if not more so-to a vehicle's operation. Hey, a car with nothing under the hood can still roll around
Don’t worry, guys
You've probably heard the news by now that wheel manufacturer BBS has filed bankruptcy in Germany. The announcement, however, has led to some misunderstandings on how exactly this will affect the company's supply and operations on a global scale, specifically
This is the company’s third declaration of bankruptcy since 2007
Businesses left and right have been crumbling to the COVID-19 crisis, and the latest victim of this pandemic is popular wheel manufacturer BBS. The company has now filed bankruptcy in Germany due to falling demand as a result of the coronavirus
Old is gold
Obviously, a retro car will suit retro wheels. We'll see that again later in a more... American application. But the same goes for a cutesy little Euro town car. The 1975 Edition pays tribute to the year the original Cinquecento launched,
This is what you’ll look like if you keep skipping leg day at the gym
We've seen our fair share of aftermarket setups that made us scratch our heads over the years, but we don't think we've ever seen anything like the abomination pictured above.That right there is indeed a Hummer H2, but
It’s more practical than you might think
You've probably seen a car with cable ties-or zip ties, as you may also call them-on its wheels before. If so, then there's a good chance that some of you also wondered why in the world would anyone
It’s almost too easy
Depending on where you get a flat and how big you ride's wheels are, changing a tire can be a tedious process. You need to lug your spare out, jack up your car, and this and that-but what if you
The brand has now expanded its reach towards Cagayan de Oro
We know there are a lot of aftermarket enthusiasts from outside of Metro Manila. specifically from farther south of the archipelago. If you're one of them, then boy do we have some good news for you.Black Rhino Wheels-Philippines has
Wheel bearings in top shape are important to the smooth operation of your car
The subject of wheel bearings is already rather deep in the subject of car maintenance. Ordinarily, we just cover simple topics like tuneups and oil changes. But if you intend to keep your car for a decade or more-or drive it
Because you can’t turn heads with dull rims, right?
Owning a car includes maintenance and repairs. Taking care of it, however, means more than just keeping it running-you have to keep your car clean, too.It really isn't that hard. You just drive into a nearby car wash and
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