Distributed by Concept One Wheels
BMW fans and owners, this news should put a smile on your face. Breyton Wheels has found an exclusive distributor here in the Philippines, and it's none other than Concept One Wheels.Not familiar with the name? Well, Breyton Wheels is
For a limited run
Earlier this year, Rota introduced its 360-degree Flow Forged wheels at the Manila International Auto Show. It was said to be the first set of wheels made in the Philippines using the flow forging process. Now, Parts Pro is introducing a
One of the coolest jobs in the world
We got an invite from Richprime Global Inc.-the distributors of Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher Price-to join Hot Wheels's design manager Dmitriy Shakhmatov for dinner. The Hot Wheels brand is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, so this was
Will you pounce on this?
We love checking out what's for sale in the car groups that we are part of on Facebook. At first, it was kind of weird to just find yourself added to these things, but once something cool appears on the feed,
Exploding turtle shells sold separately. Hopefully
For those who grew up during the time when owning a Nintendo console made you the coolest kid in your neighborhood, Mario Kart was a game that created and ended friendships in equal measure. It wasn't your conventional racing game, nor
Mind your mags
Tight spaces are the bane of countless newbie drivers all over the world. But it isn't just their nerves that suffer, so does the car.We're talking about the poor tires and mags that bear the brunt of our miscalculations.
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