Former CEO may have demanded too much
It doesn't look like the Volkswagen diesel-emissions fiasco is going to let up anytime soon. Another diesel-gate bombshell has been dropped, barely a week after Porsche North America discontinued sales of Cayenne diesel units as part of the fallout
The first of heads expected to roll
The full implications of Volkswagen's admitted emissions cheating scandal has yet to be known, but the incident has already claimed its first casualty. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn, the man credited for the brand's current success--until the scandal broke, that
Did everything to make his son happy
This past weekend was particularly special to us for two reasons: First was Father's Day, and second was Monster Jam. Say what you will about the "smallness" of the venue (Mall of Asia Arena), the fact is that families had a
Expected to have huge impact on company
The longtime chairman of Volkswagen AG has stepped down from his post after "losing a showdown" with another VW top executive, Reuters has reported.According to the news agency, 78-year-old Ferdinand Piech has resigned after failing to expel Volkswagen CEO 
Check out this incredible photo
It\'s winter in the United States right now, so to say that it\'s presently cold in that part of the globe is quite an understatement. The thing is, it\'s not just your usual winter that\'s sweeping across America
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