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Yours for just $4 million
Yep, apparently Lexus does boats now, too. The LY650, the company's first 'luxury yacht,' is based on 2017's Sport Yacht Concept, and styled in collaboration with an Italian design studio called Nuvolari Lenard. Which is probably why it looks...nothing
Yachts and tridents go hand in hand
We were invited by Autostrada Motore, the official distributor of Maserati in the Philippines, to participate in the 'City Escape Maserati Lifestyle Experience' recently. We assembled at the Manila Yacht Club, and, in keeping with the day's theme of luxury and
Attention rich people
Premium carmakers delving into the world of luxury boating is hardly a new thing. Because, come on, owning yachts and expensive boats are about as synonymous to being wealthy as loving sinigang is to being Filipino.The latest manufacturer to board the
And it looks magnificent
Chances are not many of you are aware Toyota has a marine department. Yep, the world's largest automaker is into making boats, too. A few years ago, the division built a range of premium performance yachts and invited Toyota president and
Don’t leave your toy behind
The Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is the carmaker behind the Mono, an ultra-light racing machine tipping the scales at just 580kg. Powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated Mountune motor rated at 305hp, the little Mono can scoot
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