New bits here and there
True to its promise of making 2012 an exciting year, Toyota Motor Philippines has injected a some changes in the Yaris hatchback for the local market."We have two variants (of the new Yaris) for the market. Everything (about the two variants)
Man, it looks good!
Toyota's Budapest subsidiary may have inadvertently leaked what the next-generation Yaris looks outside of its home market of Japan when it posted two photos of the car on its Facebook page.If the vehicle in the photo is indeed the
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!Hope all is well with you, sir. This is my first time to write to you guys so I really hope you can help me. I'm planning to get a new car soon and like most people who email
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!I am a big fan of Top Gear Philippines magazine. I bought my very first copy at a school book fair. If I had more baon, I'd have bought every single issue there. Anyway, I'm kind of lost
Facilities undergoing assessment
Toyota Motor Corp. reportedly shut operations in some of its export plants in northern Japan following the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the country.The shutdown, which may affect output of the Yaris and Scion, was implemented to help the plants
More affordable than the Prius, we hope
Toyota is preparing to roll out its full-hybrid technology across Europe by unveiling the Yaris Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) Concept at the Geneva International Motor Show.The Yaris HSD Concept is based on the next-generation Yaris platform, which is currently
Yes, like that traffic light
1. Those green, yellow and red lights on intersections? They're not decorative. They're not a manifestation of our love for Christmas all year long. Don't try to beat them, follow them.2. The plate number '8' is for members
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