The EV will be available globally by 2023
Business seems to be booming for Chinese automotive giant Geely's new dedicated electric brand Zeekr. After starting production of its first vehicle-the Zeekr 001-late in October, the company has now shared that it has already delivered 2,012 units
This EV boasts well over 500hp and 700Nm
Big news from China-the Zeekr 001 has gone into production in a fancy 5G+ equipped factory in Ningbo.Now, don't fret if you haven't heard of the 001. Zeekr is Geely's all-new, all-electric brand for the
Would you buy this?
Electric vehicles? Dull? Maybe 10 years ago. Not so much now, with the likes of Ferrari and Porsche jumping into the fray, and personalities like Elon Musk constantly making the news. Geely, though, believes there's still room for improvement when it
What do you think of the name?
We've got to be honest here: We aren't exactly digging the name. The proposition, though? We're all for it.Zeekr is the Geely Auto Group's new electric car brand, and the Chinese auto giant wants its new baby
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