Toyota PH to launch all-new Yaris subcompact hatchback in April

By Vernon B. Sarne

All-new Toyota Yaris

Toyota Motor Philippines, fresh from launching the Wigo very recently, is introducing the all-new Yaris subcompact hatchback in April, a source has shared with The new model was released in Thailand in October last year, and is available in that market with a small 1.2-liter engine to qualify it for the Thai government's tax holiday given to economy cars.

Filipino buyers who don't like paltry engines need not worry, however, as TMP will be equipping the Philippine-market Yaris with the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder VVT-i engine from the current model and--more important--a new 1.3-liter motor. The current Yaris is only available in our market with a 1.5-liter engine, practically killing its chances with small-car buyers who prefer smaller engine displacement for fuel efficiency.

The new Yaris is visibly longer than the current one--4,115mm versus 3,800mm. That's 315mm more sheet metal from bumper to bumper, which should result in improved legroom for all passengers. It also makes the car look like a small minivan from certain angles.

Toyota is obviously on a roll. It should have no trouble selling 90,000 units this year, a target company president Michinobu Sugata announced in January.

All-new Toyota Yaris


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  • Domengnator 11 months ago
    Good decision by Toyota to release this first before the Honda City and Jazz is launched here in the Philippines. IMO, this is far better than the 2014 Honda Jazz. Well, yes, the 2014 Jazz will look better if equipped with Mugen or other accessories, but just top-spec stock vs stock, I think this time, Yaris wins. (Same with the 2014 City vs 2014 Vios, Vios wins, imo so no hate okay? haha)
    • the 8th 11 months ago
      How did you know? Nobody even knows the specs of these cars yet except the manufacturers themselves. Whatever specs you see on the net will not automatically be the specs that we get here.
  • jan_elmer 11 months ago
    I'm looking forward to this new Yaris. I like the new design and size. Hopefully, the new 1.3L engine will be cheaper and more fuel efficient.
  • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
    I'm more excited to this model than the Wigo. This looks way better than its EUDM and USDM counterparts. I just hope that this will sell better with better pricing para maka-compete man lang against Fiesta or Jazz. :)
  • foolishofficer 11 months ago
    Design wise, nice one. The c-shaped tail light is a bit O.A. though. Hopefully the price is right and the back seats can fold 50/50.

    I don't like a small car that can seat 2 with luggage space or seat 4/5 w/o luggage space. Prefer one that can allow at least one rear seat folded only so can seat at least 3 in car with some room for luggage.
  • hunterjob50 11 months ago
    At first look, the rear looks like the rear of the Subaru XV. Nice move Toyota.
  • dsobreo 11 months ago
    Sa April ilalabas na din ng Honda Ph si City, then sa June si New Jazz.. Sorry no diesel variant for City
    • Kyoichi Sudo 11 months ago
      I really wonder what's wrong with your statement to receive a thumbs down vote, even if its informative...
    • rainmaster 11 months ago
      really next month na the All New City?
      • dsobreo 11 months ago
        sabi ng nakausap ko sa Honda Global
        • rainmaster 11 months ago
          sana nga next month na, so hindi advisable kumuha ng 2013 city ngayon?
          • dsobreo 11 months ago
            Ikaw sir nasasayo yan, ako di ko trip yung bago mas ok sakin yung ngayon...
            • rainmaster 11 months ago
              hmm.. ok sir thank you!
  • Kyoichi Sudo 11 months ago
    For some reason, I really like this new Yaris. Maybe because Toyota did a right thing this time in designing a car. It looks appealing and very attractive unlike its fluidic-ish Vios sibling, though I still like the new Jazz more than this...
  • fortis 11 months ago
    Toyota why this? Why not bring the USDM/JDM Toyota Yaris/Vitz here instead? That model screams fun from inside and out. This one is a bit matured, big and dull. Oh well probably because of the Wigo.
  • JoHunter 11 months ago
    IMO the Jazz still looks better. And I don't know how this Yaris could be better - historically, the Jazz is more fun to drive.
    • fortis 11 months ago
      Jazz owner here, and I agree with you that the Jazz is more fun to drive than the current Yaris. But the Yaris is ligher, nimbler and agile.
  • econocar 11 months ago
    Compared to the previous Yaris, I think the design of the new one looks practical. This opinion is only based on the pictures. I expected the Yaris to be sporty and "mean" while leaving the VIOS as the practical brother. The small-ish wheel wells don't look sporty - even if you can imagine filling them with low profile tires. The front shows a grumpy, bored squinting "face" rather than a sharp, mean one (e.g. shark or tiger). I personally like practical image, but I'm afraid for Toyota if Honda comes up with a mean design. That's what Filipino men look for: the "bagsik", "macho" effect.
    • econocar 11 months ago
      Pinoys want the mean look, even if we're talking about subcompacts. If you can't afford the power, at least go for the looks. Hehehe
  • ako_si_bigotilyo 11 months ago
    ang galling ! labas ng labas, then pag bibili ka sasabihin sayo pumila ka kasi walang stock ! swapang kasi gusto lahat ng market masakop!
  • jan_elmer 11 months ago
    It seems that this time the Yaris will be more fuel efficient than Vios because of lesser size and weight.
  • enochgabriel 11 months ago
    why would they bring this Chinese version of the yaris? i really hate those awkward lines and the peugeot-esque styling. they should have brought the US/JDM version which doesn't look odd. this is obviously based on the vios
  • b00bsy 11 months ago
    little RAV-4?
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