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An ideal urban commuter
On Yamaha Motor Philippines' (YMPH) wide-ranging lineup of personal commuters, the Mio Gear S sits on the middle tier of the Mio series scooters. It offers a few useful options not found at the bottom of the category. It has electronic
14,870 persons were injured as a result of these incidents
Now that things have pretty much returned to normal (almost), traffic in Metro Manila is back to pre-pandemic levels. And with more motorists out and about, it's inevitable that there'll be more incidents on the road, right? Well, that
Updates for the standard V-Strom 1050 were also released
The V-Strom is arguably the most capable go-anywhere bike in Suzuki's two-wheeler lineup. It's now bound to become even more so, as the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has announced a host of upgrades for 2023.Specifically, Suzuki has
It’s still a barebones bike, but it also still has all the basics covered
It seems you haven't heard about it yet. Honda Philippines (HPI) recently launched the new Wave RSX, the one with a fuel-injection system and not an old carburetor. This was one of the few models we were recently able to
Just in time for Christmas season
Worried about what the transport situation this Christmas season is going to be like? Frankly, who isn't? If you plan on relying on ride-hailing to get around in December, though, you'll be glad to know there's another option
A properly recreated classic
There's just really something about classic bikes. The OGs. They're oftentimes the most eye-catching among any bunch. The only problem with them, really, is that they're never the best-equipped either.This is what makes Triumph's lineup
GR-S and Conquest variants now get adaptive cruise control
It looks like it's not just the new GR86 that Toyota Motor Philippines is launching this month-the carmaker has now also introduced a new and improved version of the Hilux midsize pickup.The updated model comes with new tech and
For legislation’s sake
There's recently been a lot of talk about lane-splitting ever since House Bill No. 1419 or the Anti Lane Splitting Law of 2019 was refiled in Congress. While it's all well and good that there'll be actual legislation
One of the weirdest videos we’ve seen in a while
Motorcycle-taxi service provider Angkas has grown quite the reputation in cyberspace over the years, mostly because of its witty social media team. From catchy jingles to funny marketing gigs, we've basically seen it all from Angkas.Or so we thought.
It’ll only be available on select models, though
Harley-Davidson is pretty particular when it comes to colors. Back in 2021, the brand released a new palette of colors, each one coming with a story of its own. Now, the American motorcycle manufacturer has unveiled a new colorway inspired by
What do you think of this?
Recently, a bill further regulating motorcycle use and ownership was filed in the House of Representatives. It's called the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, and it basically aims to require all motorbike owners and riders to become a member of a Land
They just keep on coming
Man, there really is no end to them. Authorities recently apprehended another pair of motor vehicles sporting illegal license plates-this time, a kagawad and someone who's supposedly both a congressman and the country's number one lodi got caught.Of
This should go without saying
Guys, riding around on public roads in the Philippines is dangerous enough already. Why add to that risk by pretending to be Evel Knievel?Okay, we get it-the added risk is exactly why some wannabe daredevils do what they do. The
Should more expressways allow this?
The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) isn't just one of the most beautiful pieces of infrastructure in the Philippines-it's also one of the most accessible. This is because it isn't open to cars, trucks, buses, and low-displacement
Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki will also axe several models by the end of 2022
Japan continues to heighten its emission standards as the automotive and motorcycle industries start to go electric. The transition, however, will inevitably come at a cost.Motorcycle manufacturers will have to give up on some of their gas-powered models. According to
Too harsh a punishment?
Think our authorities are too harsh when it comes to implementing local motorcycle laws and regulations? New York City's most recent crackdown on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) might make you think twice.NYC mayor Eric Adams recently led
if you haven’t picked out a bag yet, check this one out
Picking a decent bag can be tricky for riders. Something too big can be a pain in the butt on long rides, while something too small can be just downright impractical. What I have here is something that's right in the
As well as tips on how to avoid this from happening
A motorcycle has better gas mileage compared to a car for the most part, but a bike normally has a shorter range on one full tank just because bikes usually have much smaller tanks. Much, much smaller.To give you an idea,
Perfect for those eyeing a motorcycle but are on a tight budget
Let's face it: Entry-level scooters are still pricey, at least when you compare them with other budget-friendly underbones and backbones.While there are a lot of affordable scooters out there, the pickings get slimmer when you limit the budget
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