Carburetor myths busted

Here's what you really need to know
by Ferman Lao | Oct 1, 2010

Hi, Ferman!

I am a medical student planning to buy a secondhand car. I need something to use during my internship. It’s a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX, equipped with a carburetor engine. Some of my friends were discouraging me from buying the car, saying carburetors are prone to plenty of problems. My younger brother and I are avid fans of your magazine (but he was the first one to buy a copy in 2007), and we saw that you had featured the same kind of car that I was looking to buy (in the September 2008 issue’s Show-Off section). I want to ask the owner how he takes care of his engine. Thanks, Top Gear! Keep up the good work!


Hi, Junboy!

Thanks for reading. Purchasing a car can be difficult if you aren’t armed with the right information. Luckily, we are here to handle all of your queries. There is no need to get in touch with Alec Corpuz, although I am sure that he is glad you know about his pride and joy.

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Now, on to the carburetor question: If the previous owner properly maintained the car, then there should be no cause for concern when it comes to functionality or reliability. However, if you have plans of upgrading performance down the road, it does leave you on a path that’s slightly different from the guys with electronic fuel injection engines. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

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There are a lot of options. Learn more by hanging out with some old-schoolers. They know their stuff and can be considered as certified experts.

To my knowledge, older carburetor-fed engines (from the late ‘70s and earlier, are a bit harder to tune and need plenty of attention when it comes to proper air-fuel mixtures. Modern carburetors (like the one you’re looking at) aren’t temperamental at all. If you do decide to get the car, be sure to have it serviced at a place that’s familiar with the system. Don’t let an inexperienced mechanic fool around with it. There are many other carburetor-specialist shops, particularly in the Cubao and Kamuning areas.

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Ferman Lao
Technical editor

Source: Top Gear Philippines, August 2009

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