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by Ferman Lao | Jan 9, 2011

Hi, Ferman!

I just signed up with Top Gear and I'm impressed at how the articles are explained in the Forums. Please keep up the good work and more Gear Power to you.

I have a 1999 Honda Civic car, and I need your expertise and recommendation regarding the power window at the passenger back seat. Probably because it is seldom used, it's now stuck and it's no longer working. I did try asking Honda how much a replacement would cost but it's too expensive. Is there a reliable shop you can recommend that can replace it at a lower cost?


Hi, Rory!

If it's just stuck, perhaps a trusted neighborhood mechanic may be able to resolve it for you and get it back to working order. Or if you're handy with tools it's something you can do yourself when you're free.

Carefully remove your door siding and remove the power window motor from the window riser assembly. Test it to see if it works when you apply power from a 12v DC power source. If it does then the problem may be in the wiring. If it doesn't then your best bet would be an outright replacement of the part. You can try immersing it in some penetrating oil to remove materials that have built up and could be preventing the motor from turning. Leave it overnight then dry it off and apply power again. If it works, then just reinstall it and you've got a working window again.

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