Rolling Strong: You've got to love survivors (Part 2)

We do love survivors
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Jul 19, 2012

The thing about driving an old car is that it usually isn’t weird to approach (or be approached by) a fellow car enthusiast. There really is some camaraderie in the old-school community. And it’s pretty cool that Rust ‘N’ Pieces is a part of that. Here are photos of survivors that were sent to me. Thanks for sharing your snapshots, guys! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that old-school cars rock!



This submission is from Lorenzo Chacon. “Here's a picture of my survivor,” he says. “I have owned it for 31 years.” His Lancer is looking pretty good.


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Here are a few snaps from Robert Jon Rodriguez. “My Dad owns a 1975 Mitsubishi Galant, and he taught me how to drive a manual transmission a year ago,” he shares.


“This month I’m about to get my non-professional license,” Robert adds. “I never went to a driving school. Here are my pictures inserted in this email. Thank you.”

Good job, Robert! I learned how to drive using my dad’s old Galant, too. Do check out this post for a trip down my memory lane.


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“Here's our 1978 Lancer (chassis code LB), our first car in the family,” shares Rog. “I’m an avid reader of this column. Keep posting more regarding old-school cars. More power.” You can count on me to do that, man!


Lastly, here’s a nice message from Ian Segovia: “This is a first-owned 1979 RT132 Toyota Corona 'Macho', with an 18R engine and a four-speed transmission. My father-in-law owns it, and it had 91,000km on it before it was left for dead in his garage from 1999 until 2011. I asked him if he wanted to sell it for scrap, and he didn't. Someone wanted to buy it for P15,000, but he still didn't budge. Knowing that he won't let go of it, I asked for it and tried my best to restore it. A ton of cash; difficult-to-source parts; and many new, old-school-enthusiast friends later, I have to say it's around 80 percent restored. I am a silent follower of your blog and how you resurrected your dad's wagon. It was really inspiring. It led me to this...”

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“And you're right about the experience. It's not like I wanted to restore it for the kick of just having it restored. I learned so much during that journey. I believed so much in possibilities that I thought I could achieve anything. Thanks, man.” It’s me that has to give thanks! Thanks for reading and sharing your stories! More posts to come!

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