\'Gran Turismo 6\' boasts over 1,200 cars from your wildest dreams

Over 120 cars appearing for the 1st time
Nov 5, 2013


As the December 6 release date of Gran Turismo 6 draws near, the popular driving simulation game\'s website has revealed the new additions and features you\'ll see in the game.

According to Gran-Turismo.com, over 1,200 cars are available in the game, with more than 120 of these appearing \"for the first time in the series.\"

These include the Aston-Martin One-77, the Audi Sport Quattro Pikes Peak, the Bugatti Veyron, the Cizeta V16T, the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Lancia Stratos, the McLaren F1 GTR, the Pagani Huayra, the Toyota 86 Race Car Base Model, and the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

New tracks will also be seen in the series for the very first time like the Ascari Full Track in Spain, Mount Panorama (or Bathurst as it\'s more popularly known) in Australia, and Willow Springs in the United States.

As for the new features of the game, these reportedly include weather changes, time transitions, and \"the night sky astronomical system.\"

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It certainly looks like it will be a very busy Christmas season for Gran Turismo fans.



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