A Filipino company is supplying car cameras to global automakers

Innovation abounds in PH
by Tracy Carpena | Apr 7, 2013


Have you ever wondered where your car parts are being sourced? You might quickly answer \"China.\" But the automotive camera in your car may be a product of Filipino engineers\' ingenuity, and then shipped to a plant where your car is assembled.

At the AVID Innovation Congress this weekend, Arthur Tan, CEO and president of Integrated Micro-Electronics Incorporated (IMI), revealed the company\'s global contribution to automotive electronics. One such product is a car\'s front camera, which is part of IMI\'s portfolio in the automotive electronics segment.

IMI is a Filipino electronics manufacturing services company and member of the Ayala Group of Companies.

\"It\'s a German idea,\" said Tan. \"But it\'s a Filipino company that brings the product to the global market.\"

This simply shows that the country doesn\'t lack the talent and the spirit to innovate.

The AVID Innovation Congress, whose last day is today, is also the venue of the \"Innovation in Mobility Expo,\" the mini car show that showcases 15 cars from various AVID (Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors) members including Hyundai and Chevrolet.

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