Beware: The 10 worst car pranks

Be careful where you park (and who your friends are)
Apr 20, 2012

We've all been victims of a prank, one way or another. Whether it's a prank call or someone hiding your stuff, practical jokes are never fun if you're on the receiving end. Even as grown-ups, we still have a mischievous side to us. We all love witnessing a good prank, that's why there are shows like Punk'd.

Pranks are especially bad if it involves something dear to us--like our car, for instance. For most car lovers, automobiles are a no-trespassing zone. That's why pulling off an antic that involves a car doubles the fun for the prankster. Here, we gather the 10 worst car pranks that we don't ever want to be used against us, and rate them according to the degree of embarrassment and shock value.


10th: Dust-etching

This is the most common car prank, and almost all of us have fallen victim to it. We become susceptible to this when we don't wash our car for weeks, allowing dust to accumulate on its glossy paint job. That's just really asking for it. The bad part is driving around with a funny message scribbled across the vehicle--without you knowing it.

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9th: Nasty sticker

The overall effect is really like that of dust-etching, except you know the prankster actually went out of his/her way to get a sticker. Which means it's really a premeditated deed, leaving you to worry about what's coming next.

Nasty sticker

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8th: Bullet holes

This one also involves stickers. Fake bullet holes, to be exact. But imagine going back to your car and seeing these from a distance. You'd probably take cover.

Bullet holes

7th: Colorful Post-Its

This may look cute, but it's annoying if it's your car right there. Never mind the attention. Think of the time you'll have to spend taking all of these off.

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Colorful Post-Its

6th: Cellophane wrap

The difficulty of having to take the plastic off your car is much greater than peeling off Post-Its. And you don't really have the option to drive away in case you have an emergency.

Cellophane wrap

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5th: Foil wrapper

Picture this: People will laugh at you thinking this is really just a bad (and cheap) foil-wrap job.

Foil wrapper

4th: Toilet paper

This thing looks gross. Just pray the sheets of paper aren't filthy.

Toilet paper

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3rd: Shopping carts

Nothing to remove or peel off here. But we dare you to try untangling these carts from one another.

Shopping carts

2nd: Duct tape

Whoever did this to your car must have a serious issue with you. Good luck removing all that tape.

Duct tape

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1st: Bloody cadaver

Again, nothing to peel off here. We just hope you don't have a heart condition.

Bloody cadaver

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