Buses in the Philippines: Terror rides?

3 trips with tragic endings
Aug 24, 2010

The spate of fatal incidents involving buses in less than a week is uncanny but they have already happened and the least authorities could do is to prevent them from happening with a set of appropriate laws ranging from road safety to hostage negotiations. We don't want to go into gory details but here are just some examples of how a seemingly harmless bus ride can lead to tragic endings.

Hostage-taking in Manila. This is hogging the headlines not just in the Philippines but around the world: A bus packed with Hong Kong nationals reportedly set to visit historical sites in Manila was hijacked by former police captain Rolando Mendoza, who was demanding to get his job back. Reports said nine were released by the hostage-taker within the first few hours of the crisis; at the end of the 12-hour seige, 6 survived while seven were reportedly dead. After this incident and the release of travel advisories against visiting the Philippines, it may be quite some time before we see another tourist bus filled with foreign guests. Here's a clip uploaded by RussiaToday on YouTube:

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Head-on collision in Camarines Sur. Just last weekend, Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 Melody Gerbasch and two others were killed when a bus crashed head-on their Toyota Innova. Reports said the bus was overtaking a motorcycle and failed to return to its proper lane. (YouTube video uploaded by iamdwyanecardiff)

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