Facebook fail #2: Who's that again?

Heard of this car designer?
Jul 7, 2011

Facebook failAs you know, we have this new feature on our website just for laughs. The first installment did draw a lot of snickers, but we also got chided for failing to blur the names and pictures of the subjects. Here now is the follow-up. You'll notice that we have already erased the last names of the Facebook users, just to shield them from undue humiliation. We're not entirely sure if this is as funny as the first one, but one thing we wonder about is this: Why do some people keep mangling the names of others? Isn't getting the spelling of somebody else's name correctly, one of the most basic courtesies we could show one another?

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If you stumble upon a humorous post or comment on Facebook that has anything to do with cars, just e-mail us the screenshot at bbctopgear@summitmedia.com.ph. If it's amusing enough, we'll post it with your soon-to-be-immortalized name.

Facebook fail #2

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