How excited are you about Course Maker feature of \'Gran Turismo 6\'?

Coming soon to the popular video game
Nov 19, 2013


Gran Turismo 6 is scheduled to go on sale on December 6, and one of the features that we\'re eager to try out in the game is the Course Maker option.

The feature lets you create your own racetrack \"that can be driven in the game,\" although the game\'s official website ( has said that it will only become available \"at a later stage through an update.\"

But just how big a track can you create exactly?

According to Gran Turismo fan site, the game\'s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, has revealed that the last update he received from the game’s development staff was that the Course Maker tracks can measure as much as 20km x 20km.

\"That is still very large--the Nurburgring is about 5km x 5km in the game, so it is quite a lot of space,\" Yamauchi added.

The best add-on feature to the Course Maker would be the update that makes it possible for you to create a track \"by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course.\" The GPS-generated track then becomes available in the game \"as playable content.\" This, then, could be the perfect training tool for local racers who’d like to practice their runs on Clark International Speedway or Batangas Racing Circuit without having to travel down south or way up north from Manila.

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You can even use it to track the different routes between your house and the office, letting you determine which one is the fastest. For us, we can only think of one thing: plotting the run up the Marikina-Infanta Highway, or the \"Tanayburgring\" as it is colloquially known among those who periodically run their cars up through Antipolo on weekend mornings.

Excited much?

Photo from Gran Turismo\'s Facebook page

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