In case you missed it, Glee did a Chevy number

See the USA in your Chevrolet, they crooned
Jun 14, 2011

Now is the perfect time to admit we're closet fans of the Fox TV musical Glee, probably the kitschiest series ever produced in the history of the boob tube. Our editor in chief will probably deny it, but word has it he has every single CD in the Glee soundtrack collection. Yes, every single one. Just check his iPod.

And so it was with total glee that we came across a "never-before-seen" (by us, that is) Chevrolet musical number that the cast of the TV show did earlier this year. You read that right: Chevrolet. Obviously, this was a paid performance sponsored by the American carmaker, but we don't care. We'd happily consume anything stamped with Glee. So allow us to share it with those of you who, first, are also fans of the show, and, second, also haven't seen the spectacle.

In the scene, cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) tells the New Directions glee club, led by the often-annoying Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), that Chevrolet wants them to appear in a TV commercial and that, in return, the carmaker will give them one brand-new Cruze each. Unbeknown to the high-school choir, Sue is doing this so that they will forfeit their amateur status. And the rest, as they say, is one glittering production number.

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Here's the video. Enjoy, fellow closet Glee fans...


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