International Women\'s Day special, part 2: Adorable car ads

This time, they got it right
by Vernon B. Sarne | Mar 8, 2012

We continue our celebration of International Women\'s Day with this next batch of car ads. You\'ve seen how sexist automotive marketers can be. They either portray women as sex objects next to cars, or they attach outdated and definitely offensive stereotypes to women. But there are also those who manage to include women in their advertising materials without having to insult or demean the female of the species. These guys, we applaud. Here are 10 of their endearing works.

1. Aston Martin Vantage ad. If you have to ask what \"MILF\" means, you probably shouldn\'t be visiting this website.


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2. Audi A7 ad. This image perfectly captures that indignant feeling wives (or girlfriends) harbor toward their man\'s prized possession.



3. Honda Civic ad. By proclaiming that all its cars are gender-neutral, Honda must have scored a few brownie points with feminists.


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4. Honda Jazz ad. This ad really just wants to say the Jazz is fuel-efficient. But it does so by also saying that all grandmothers rock. If you ever grew up with a cool lola, you just have to smile at this.



5. Hyundai Tucson ad. There\'s skin, yes, but it doesn\'t come across as degrading. On the contrary, this image presents women as, well, \"pretty but tough.\"

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6. MG Midget ad. MG merely quoted an actual statistic. And pointing out that the Midget\'s plush passenger seat would pamper female passengers isn\'t necessarily sexist.


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7. Mini Automatic ad. Okay, so this one--technically--is sexist, because it says women need the simple and easy-to-use automatic transmission. But the model\'s (is this Goldie Hawn, by the way?) facial expression is just so adorable, it\'s almost criminal to accuse this ad of sexism.



8. Seat Altea ad. This strikes us as a middle finger raised at creative directors who keep using the female form to sell consumer products. Brilliant, too. Family sports car? Let\'s have a pregnant woman pose beside it!

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9. BMW Premium Selection ad. We\'re a bit torn trying to decide whether this is sexist or not. But the copy is just so witty, we\'re willing to ignore the sexist overtones.


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10. Volkswagen New Beetle ad. A nice visual tribute to mothers, this one. This shows a woman can appear in a car ad without wearing a swimsuit or showing her cleavage.


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