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by Drei Laurel | Apr 22, 2018

Attention car guys: The next time you come across some nice motoring-themed shirts while browsing through an international clothing chain's racks, remember that there are Filipino-made tees out there that are more affordable, of better quality, with more impressive designs.

Below are some fine examples of what we're talking about courtesy of First/We/Drive (F/W/D) and the Motor Union of Manila—two brands that are 100% Pinoy, and happen to be run by 100% legit car lovers.

These brands are well-versed in their automobiles. We would know because we've worked with the people behind both of them—Jaykee Evangelista and Chad Rosario of F/W/D are Top Gear Philippines' former art director and publisher, respectively. And Ian Magbanua of the Motor Union of Manila is currently our classics and customs editor.

Before you say anything, no, we're not just featuring them on our website because they're our colleagues. We've held their products, seen their designs, and have to say they're worthy of a place in any gearhead's wardrobe. So far F/W/D has released some pretty neat shirts of the Land Rover Defender and the Toyota 2000 GT, while the Motoring Union of Manila's currently selling some cool Mitsubishi Lancer and Ford designs.

Both brands have hit some pretty big milestones recently, too. F/W/D was a hit at the recent 2018 Manila International Auto Show and produced shirts for a collaboration with Concept One Wheels and Black Rhino Philippines. And the Motor Union of Manila just launched its online store and website in March.

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So throw that bland, generic vintage car manufacturer logo shirt back in the bargain bin and go local. You can check out their products in the photos below, or head on over the the F/W/D and Motor Union of Manila Instagram pages for a better look.


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PHOTO: F/W/D and Motoring Union of Manila
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