Paris Motor Show 2010: A dozen pretty mademoiselles

The ladies who brightened up the opening day
by Vernon B. Sarne | Oct 1, 2010

PARIS--Like always, car shows are made more dazzling by the presence of gorgeous booth models. And this year's Paris Motor Show is no exception. Pardon this practice if it offends your politics, but let's face it: Cars are more effectively marketed by beautiful women. That's not to objectify the fairer sex, of course. We're only pointing out the fact that a lovely lady enhances the car-show experience of any male visitor.

In Paris, the models look like, well, models. They're mostly tall and skinny, as though they leapt straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine. And rightly so, as Paris is the fashion capital of the world.

Compared to the girls of Philippine motor shows, the Parisiennes are generally classier to look at. That's because they don't resort that much to cleavage-revealing outfits just to draw the men. (And you won't catch them twiddling with their mobile phones.)

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Here are some of the best ones on the show's opening day for the press. Our personal favorites are those from Ligier, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. See if you agree with us...


Photos by the author

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