The new Swatch and Hodinkee timepiece exudes old-school charm

Perfect for driving an old car
by Jason Tulio | Dec 2, 2018
PHOTO: Swatch

We’ve often said that the love for cars and watches often go hand in hand. It’s why we often see that many of our automotive industry friends are also active members in watch-related Facebook groups. 

Some watch and car enthusiasts, naturally, like to pair their timepiece to their car—whether by color or through a special-edition tie up between car and watchmaker. The watch you see here by Swatch isn’t inspired by any car, car brand, or motorsports icon. Hell, it’s not even a driver’s watch with fancy complications. 

But if you happen to own an old-school ride, like say an EK Honda Civic or a big body Toyota Corolla, then this watch would suit those cars to a tee. You see, this piece looks just like those colorful Swatch watches from the ’90s—a more adult version, sure, but a throwback nonetheless. Perfectly suited for an older ride, then (baggy pants and Patrick Garcia-style haircuts optional). 

This watch, called the Sistem51 Blue Edition, was designed in collaboration with watch enthusiast site Hodinkee. It features a silicone band and a 42mm plastic case. And though it looks like an ordinary quartz watch, it actually runs on an automatic movement. 

The good news? It only costs $150 (P7,800). 

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PHOTO: Swatch
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