Watch: Our first look at 'Cars 3' is here

And it's petrol vs. electric

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This is a trailer for a new animated movie about cars. It is called Cars 3, and it features the voice of Owen Wilson. It also features a narrative that mirrors the motoring industry’s current predicament.

No, not the predicament that autonomous cars will rise up and enslave mankind rendering us as nothing more than flabby, obsolete blobs. Rather the ultimate petrolhead dilemma: good, old-fashioned dirty internal combustion, or silent, slightly alarming electric power?

Yup, in the latest Cars installment, Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen must contend with “a new generation of blazing-fast racers”. We’re told he’s “pushed out of the sport he loves” (quite literally, as the trailer above shows—talk about going off the racing line), and must enlist the help of his friends to get back in the game.

And the game, as you’ll spot from the trailer above, has gotten quite dark. This is a kids movie, don’t forget…

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