What does 'V' in Shell V-Power stand for?

So you think you know the answer?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Mar 22, 2011

Whether you use Shell gasoline or diesel on your car or not, we're pretty sure you've heard of the "V-Power" fuel brand. And if you're like us who have ever-inquisitive minds, you must have wondered at any time or another what the "V" in V-Power actually stands for. In fact, we have no doubt you think you know its meaning. We did, too--until we asked Shell's technology manager for premium fuels, Michael Grundy, when we paid the Shell Technology Centre in Thornton, UK, a visit. Boy, were we wrong.

In the video below, Grundy tells us the real meaning of the "V" in V-Power. But before you watch the video, may we ask you to take the poll first just to see if you really know the answer? No cheating, please...



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