What should the acronym EDSA stand for?

Witty answers posted on our Facebook page
Oct 24, 2011

Epifanio de los Santos Avenue

We all know what "EDSA" stands for. It's Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, of course. But we here at Top Gear Philippines think that the historic highway--previously called Highway 54--is so poorly maintained and supervised that its acronym name now deserves a new meaning.

So we asked people on our Facebook page what EDSA should now stand for. Here are the 10 best answers:

1. Enduring Daily Slow Acceleration - Paul Seco

2. Extremely Deadly Subpar Avenue - Hiram Ulysses Bacarro

3. Every Driver Should Avoid - Jojo Bellen

4. Eternally Dreadful Source of Anguish - Jason Liao

5. Entire Day Sitting Avenue - Juju Carlo

6. Every Driver Simmering and Angry - Jahan Kalam

7. Endless Driving Stress Avenue - Paolo Usi

8. Every Driver Shouts Angrily - Jason Carlo David

9. Emissary of Death is Stalking Avenue - Rex Vargas

10. Every Day Slow Andar - Jacs Rockin

You think you have a better one? Post it in the comment box below.

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