Wonder Woman battles Darkseid on the corner of Ortigas and EDSA

In her latest comic book issue
by Miguel Escobar | Jan 7, 2018

We Filipinos are always thrilled to be recognized on a global stage, even in the smallest of ways. One such recognition came in a recent comic book issue of Wonder Woman, which saw the Princess of Themyscira against a familiar backdrop: Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA.

This particular scene from Wonder Woman #37 sees Wonder Woman’s father, Zeus, battling Darkseid. While fighting, they arrive in Manila via a Boom tube—probably the most ideal way to get in and out of our beloved capital, considering the traffic.

Wonder Woman follows shortly after, but Darkseid then defeats Zeus and absorbs his power. She prepares to exact vengeance, but Darkseid flees when the Justice League shows up as surprise resbak“I know why they showed up, Steve,” says Wonder Woman, narrating the events. “To protect, and do right. How much, at that moment, Manila needed the Justice League.” 

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This cool little shoutout is less surprising when you consider that the issue was pencilled by Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia, colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr., and inked by Jason Paz—all Filipino comic book artists. But according to a GMA News interview with Fajardo, the idea to set their battle in Metro Manila came from the issue’s writer, James Robinson. Fajardo says that Robinson left it up to them to litter the battle with references.


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The battle is obviously situated near EDSA Shrine, as marked by the Our Lady of EDSA statue. There are a lot of jeepneys (including one made by 'Lodi Motors'), familiar road signs, and what appears to be Robinsons Galleria being levelled by Omega Beams. But our favorite reference might still be the accurate depictions of Pinoy bystanders, who choose to snap photos instead of running for their lives. Usyoso as ever.


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PHOTO: DC Comics
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