Meet the rider who doesn't know how to give up

An inspirational story
by Aris Ilagan | Apr 15, 2017

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As the old saying goes: True gold is tested through fire.

When Arnel Navales Aba lost a leg after he was hit by a speeding vehicle, the word 'self-pity' never entered his vocabulary. He had to move on, not only for himself, but also for his family. For him, surviving the aftermath of the accident is more painful than the accident itself.

More than a decade after the nightmare struck, he has hurdled many obstacles that led to an awesome transformation to what he is now. From a struggling jeepney driver, he is now a certified swimming coach. More than that, he is a competitive triathlete.

Despite his rock star status among other athletes, Arnel remains down-to-earth. During an interview by Moto Sapiens, Arnel claimed that he was featured several times in sports pages and health magazines. But on his motorcycling, nada!

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Seeing this person with disability mounting his Yamaha Mio scooter gave me goosebumps. When he told me what forced him to ride on two wheels, I melted.

Following this roller coaster experience, Arnel is now a shining example of an individual who values self-contentment and life's simple blessings. 

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Meet Coach Arnel Navales Aba, a person with disability who will attest that one hell of a ride. Click on the video above and get to know an ordinary person with an extraordinary story.

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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