4 guys spotted the Chief!

They get free Castrol GTX oil
Jul 5, 2011

Last week, we posted a video recap of the Castrol Edge Experience event, which Vernon attended earlier this year in Nurburgring, Germany. We promised to give four liters of Castrol GTX to the first five (5) people who could spot the Chief in the four-minute video and tell us via e-mail what exactly he was doing in it. After five days, we're ending the contest. And we're a bit disappointed to announce that only four (4) chaps got the right answer.

But before giving you the right answer, we just have to say that the Chief isn't the one (1) saying "fantastic"; (2) raising his glass; (3) drinking beer; (4) declaring "Castrol No. 1"; or (5) being interviewed in the video, as many of you mystifyingly guessed.

The correct answer? The Chief is dining or eating/slicing steak. He appears at the 3:11 mark of the video, wearing a white shirt. See the screenshot below (the seemingly constipated guy in the foreground is none other than Castrol Philippines country marketing manager Ariel de Jesus).

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The four eagle-eyed men who sent us the correct answer are:

* Genowel Chua

* Karlo Angel

* Marco Rivera; and

* Jose Maria Yango

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We will e-mail the four winners instructions on how to claim their prize. Meanwhile, here's the elusive screenshot...

The Chief spotted!

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