BMW to offer solar-powered carport for its \'i\' vehicles

When the i3 goes on sale later this year
Apr 28, 2013


While BMW is busy developing its i sub-brand of environment-friendly premium vehicles, the German carmaker has already tapped the services of solar module provider Solarwatt GmbH to create a \"combined rooftop and carport photovoltaic solution\" for future BMW i customers.

According to BMW, the Solarwatt carport system will offer BMW i3 and i8 owners \"an attractively designed solar-based electric vehicle charging plus household microgeneration system.\" BMW will reportedly offer it to the customers who either avail of it at the same time they purchase the vehicle or later on through the Internet after they buy the car.

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BMW added that the i3 will be its first electric vehicle on the market \"that has been designed specifically for electric mobility from the outset.\" BMW expects the i3 to go on sale in late 2013.

\"Cooperating with the leading carmaker and visionary supplier of electric vehicles and EV-related mobility services shows that our new systems offer practical solutions that will play an important role in future energy supply,\" said Solarwatt chief executive Detlef Neuhaus.

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