Business as usual for Chrysler

by Patrick Everett Tadeo | May 5, 2009
With Chrysler undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, what happens to its Philippine distribution?

Chrysler LLC allayed fears of its international customers, saying that while the parent company is being reorganized under U.S. bankruptcy laws, its filing "does not apply to any country outside of the United States" and that Chrysler will "continue to market, sell and service" their vehicles like before.

CATS Motors, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Chrysler vehicles in the Philippines, said it is "very excited and optimistic about the turn of events for Chrysler LLC and all its subsidiaries."

"We are very confident that the path for Chrysler is now set and that despite the hard decision that had to be made, the whole Chrysler organization will emerge a stronger, leaner and globally competitive company," CATS said in a statement.

In a separate statement, Chrysler LLC said it is "business as usual" while it restructures its alliance with Italian carmaker, Fiat SpA.
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